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How this business is creating beautiful woodwork, doing good in the world
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OSleeper MFG Co. founder and CEO Jerry Channell, right, started the woodworking outfit with co-founder Graham Williams. The company creates custom woodwork and decor for homes, businesses, restaurants, coffee shops and churches. - photo by Scott Rogers

Custom woodwork is popping up all around Gainesville thanks to OSleeper MFG Co.

“We basically design and build furniture,” said Graham Williams, co-founder of the business. “We pride ourselves on being able to give someone a custom piece, exactly what they want.” 

The company launched three years ago, and it’s been booming ever since. 

“A few years ago we were just getting started,” Williams said. “Someone would have a dream piece that they wanted to have in their home, and we would design and build it for them.” 

And while they still make residential pieces, they have moved into commercial work now, too. 

“Just recently, we built out an entire boutique wine shop up in Suwanee called ‘Sip Happens,’” he said. “We’ve been really involved in Midland Station. We did all the tabletops at Midland Station and the barn doors and the mountains that go on the wall.”

He said they’ve also helped with a couple of restaurants in Buford and Atlanta, and they have even done work with the Cathy family of Chick-fil-A.

“With furniture it’s such an awesome and unique thing because oftentimes, especially in a home, they’re the pieces people are gathering around making memories at,” he said. “Even in a business, like a coffee table and a conference table, those are where decisions are made and those are where people’s lives are changed. We love that we get the opportunity to build pieces that can hopefully and hypothetically transform communities and lives and people.” 

And while custom woodwork has made the company a success, CEO and founder Jerry Channell said there is more to the business than that. 

“Our goal is to use the company to somehow make an impact in the world that is more than just making a profit,” he said. “Anything that we do, we give a percentage of our revenue to people in need.”

Channell said inspiration for the business came from his childhood. 

“My parents are in the ministry, so I grew up in the church world,” he said. “My parents worked at Eagle Ranch in Flowery Branch for a long time when I was growing up, and I was introduced there to enjoying working with my hands.”

Channell said he worked at a cabinet shop while in college and then got a job at a furniture shop after graduation before launching his own company. 

“I just felt like I really wanted to own a business that was for-profit but also could try to do some good in the world, try to help people along the way,” he said about his plans. “So we started a company building custom furniture.”

He said his faith helped him decide on the name for the business.

“I am a Christian, and so I study the Bible,” he said. “There’s a Bible verse, Ephesians 5:14. It says, ‘Awake, O sleeper, and arise from the dead, and Christ will shine on you.’ That’s kind of in our mantra, saying we want to use business and the pursuit of excellence in what we do as a way that we can glorify God and that we can impact people around us.” 

OSleeper MFG Co. is located in the midtown area of Gainesville, but it’s not a retail space just yet. 

“Right now, it’s just purely a manufacturing shop,” he said. “We have goals and visions of one day having a storefront attached to our shop.”

They also have a few more plans for the future, too.

“We’re actually completely redoing our website in the next five months, and we’re going to be introducing a line of furniture through OSleeper Manufacturing on our website,” he said. 

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