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Births published Sept. 21
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Ballinger, a girl, Annalee Ivanett, Sept. 1, Tonia and Justin Ballinger, Demorest.

Batts, a boy, Zakobe Blade, Sept. 8, Nicole Garrett and Tobyas Batts, Flowery Branch.

Carter, a boy, Cohen Joseph, Sept. 4, Haley and Dustin Carter, Lula.

Christopher, a boy, Clayton William, Sept. 1, Camilla and Scott Christopher, Cleveland.

Clark, a boy, Landon Todd, Sept. 9, Ansela and Todd Clark, Gainesville.

Cochran, a girl, Catie Allison, Sept. 15, Allison Logan Cochran and Matt Cochran, Maysville.

Corey, a boy, Cullan Lucas, Sept. 2, Michelle and Niles Corey, Murrayville.

Dewaters, a girl, Brittney Marie, Sept. 10, Kelly and Michael Dewaters, Gainesville.

Doran, a girl, Kensly Jade, Sept. 8, Kellie Boyd and Vincent Doran, Gainesville.

Evans, a boy, Blayton Tony, Sept. 1, Melissa and Joey Evans, Gainesville.

Flood, a girl, Adrianna Michella, Sept. 12, Rhonda Stanford and Courtney Flood, Gainesville.

Forbes, a girl, Samantha Charleen, Sept. 9, Angela Thomas and Stephen Forbes, Buford.

Hicks, a boy, Bennett Graham, Sept. 15, Emily and Joe Hicks, Dacula.

Johnson, a girl, Julia Caroline, Sept. 14, Kimberly and Brent Johnson, Gainesville.

Leach, a girl, Samantha Nicole, Sept. 15, Andrea and Royce Leach Jr., Flowery Branch.

Ledford, a girl, Elizabeth Carol Ann, Sept. 8, Jessica Coleman and Anthony Ledford, Cleveland.

Maddox, a boy, Jordan Tanner, Sept. 12, Tabitha and John Maddox Jr., Gillsville.

McCoy, a boy, Jacob Daniel, Sept. 12, Rachel Hendrix and Jason McCoy, Gainesville.

McKay, a girl, Aedyn Campbell, Sept. 9, Courtney and Frank McKay, Gainesville.

Mooney, a boy, James Christopher, Sept. 9, Daneille Phagan and Joseph Mooney, Lula.

Moore, a girl, Abby Leigh, Sept. 12, Sheryl and Chris Moore, Cornelia.

Nelson, a girl, Ava Mae, Sept. 12, Emily and Jonathan Nelson, Murrayville.

Nixon, a boy, Michael Caleb, Sept. 12, Shannon Kerler and Michael Nixon, Flowery Branch.

Norton, a boy, Jacob Anthony, Sept. 10, Amanda and Robert Norton, Gainesville.

Norton, a girl, Eliza Rose, Sept. 10, Amanda and Robert Norton, Gainesville.

Oliver, a boy, Joshua Spencer, Aug. 31, Christy and Joshua Oliver, Alto.

Peck, a boy, Ryder Michael, Sept. 2, Kim Cogle and Roy Peck, Gainesville.

Pruitt, a boy, Kolton Harold, Sept. 9, Paige Pennington Pruitt and Mike Pruitt, Pendergrass.

Roman, a boy, Victor Sincere, Sept. 11, Crystal Frayle and Victor Roman, Gillsville.

Rundell, a girl, Madelynn Kay, Sept. 10, Lindsey and Frank Rundell, Gainesville.

Rutledge, a boy, Jayden Henry, Sept. 3, Lisa and Ray Rutledge, Flowery Branch.

Tanner, a boy, Brody Elijah, Sept. 9, Stephanie Littlejohn and Blake Tanner, Dahlonega.

Thomas, a girl, Emily Dawn, Aug. 27, Kimberly and Jeff Thomas, Dahlonega.

Torres, a girl, Adelisse Maria, Sept. 8, Janette and Aldo Torres, Gainesville.

Whitey, a boy, Christian Luke, Aug. 28, Christy Whitey, Dahlonega.

Woodring, a girl, Desirae Brianna, Sept. 3, Stacey and Kevin Woodring, Jefferson.

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