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Births published Oct. 12
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Adams, a boy, Chantz Roy, Jr., Oct. 1, Stephanie and Chantz Adams, Flowery Branch.

Buffington, a girl, Mia Marie, Sept. 30, Shelley and Gary Buffington, Gainesville.

Carney, a boy, Austin Lamar, Oct. 1, Jessica and Lamar Carney, Gillsville.

Childers, a girl, Audrey Veronica Elizabeth, Sept. 30, Meghan and David Childers, Gainesville.

Duckworth, a boy, Drystan Lee, Oct. 6, Anna Buffington and Andrew Duckworth, Lula.

Fuentes-Montano, a boy, Jairo Abraham, Oct. 3, Blanca Luz Fuentes Montano and Carlos Alejandro Fuentes, Flowery Branch.

Gilleland, a girl, Ansley Blaire, Oct. 3, Stephanie and Bradley Gilleland, Gainesville.

Herrera, a boy, Jose Angel, Oct. 2, Icxy Hernandez and Jose Herrera, Gainesville.

Hogg, a girl, Marissa Leigh, Sept. 19, Monica and Ron Hogg, Baldwin.

Holcomb, a boy, Sebastian Jameson, Oct. 3, Laura and Samuel Holcomb, Oakwood.

Hudgins, a girl, Madelyn Danielle, Oct. 6, Lauren Gibbs and Kasey Hudgins, Maysville.

Hunter, a boy, Geamari LaVon, Oct. 2, Geanean Hunter, Flowery Branch.

Jackson, a boy, Ayden Thomas, Oct. 3, Wendy and Bradley Jackson, Gainesville.

Kempker, a girl, Annaclaire Grace, Oct. 3, Nicole and Tyler Kempker, Gainesville.

Kempker, a girl, Emmerson Jane, Oct. 3, Nicole and Tyler Kempker, Gainesville.

Kidd, a boy, Donovan Jared, Oct. 4, Camera Kidd, Gainesville.

Maddox, a boy, Brad Christopher, Sept. 28, Alison and Adam Maddox, Gainesville.

Mather, a girl, Marley Jane, Sept. 25, Sarah and Nat Mather, Clarkesville.

Maxey, a boy, Donte Sasha, Oct. 1, Deannese Clark and Garry Maxey, Gainesville.

Miller, a boy, Ty Joseph, Oct. 2, Crystal and Joe Miller, Flowery Branch.

Montgomery, a boy, Nathan Matthew, Sept. 26, Emily Watson and Joshua Montgomery, Flowery Branch.

Palmer, a girl, Gracelyn Lily, Sept. 28, Kelley and James Palmer, Flowery Branch.

Pinson, a girl, Savannah Renee, Oct. 2, Bridget and Tim Pinson, Lula.

Ragan, a girl, Miley Alexa, Sept. 26, Erendira Jaellie Juarez and Tony Ragan, Baldwin.

Rucker, a boy, Javian Qu'Mari, Oct. 2, Lacrecia Shields and Justin Rucker, Gainesville.

Rucker, a girl, Ja'Nyiah Zy'Asya, Oct. 2, Lacrecia Shields and Justin Rucker, Gainesville.

Scott, a boy, Johnny Dave III, Sept. 30, Amber and Johnny Scott II, Clarkesville.

Scott, a girl, Alexia Grace, Oct. 1, Carol and David Scott, Flowery Branch.

Simpson, a girl, Delaney Cate, July 22, April and Kevin Simpson, Bethlehem.

Smith, a boy, Jeremiah Gabriel-Patrick, Sept. 15, Amanda Ransom and Benjamin Smith, Gainesville.

Spain, a boy, Avery Joseph, Oct. 2, Rachel and Jody Spain, Flowery Branch.

Stow, a girl, Julia Elyse, Oct. 1, Megan and Andrew Stow, Gainesville.

Suaava, a girl, Leilani Tati, Oct. 4, Vicki Marie Adams and Sui Suaava, Cleveland.

Terveen, a girl, Makaylah May, Sept. 16, Tiffany Terveen and Matthew McGraw, Gainesville.

Toms, a boy, Patrick Tucker, Oct. 3, Ellen and Patrick Toms, Gainesville.

Turner, a boy, Graham Daniel, Oct. 2, Holly and William Turner,, Gainesville.

Valero, a girl, Zoe Abi, Oct. 2, Yasmine and Miguel Valero, Gainesville.

Vinson, a boy, Connor Chase, Sept. 30, Jodie and David Vinson, Clayton.

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