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Births published Nov. 1
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Adams, a girl, Hadley Rose, Oct. 24, Kristi Cronan and Kevan Adams, Oakwood.

Aguilar, a girl, Valeria Estefania, Oct. 21, Alma and Hector Aguilar, Gainesville.

Aguilar, a girl, Ximena Galilea, Oct. 21, Alma and Hector Aguilar, Gainesville.

Briscoe, a boy, Nathaniel Hurley, Oct. 26, Kelly and Ben Briscoe, Gainesville.

Colburn, a girl, Damaria Latrice, Oct. 23, Tara L. Cantrell and Edward D. Colburn, Gainesville.

Cole, a boy, Lawson James, Oct. 14, Erica and Brian Cole, Buford.

Cole, a girl, Skylar Elizabeth, Oct. 14, Erica and Brian Cole, Buford.

Davis, a boy, Harley Thomas, Oct. 26, Jennifer and Thomas Davis, Cleveland.

Davis, a girl, Raegan Reese, Oct. 23, Rachel and Todd Davis, Buford.

Dingler, a girl, Natalie Elizabeth, Oct. 22, Amy and David Dingler, Gainesville.

Dowdle, a boy, Landon Scott, Oct. 19, Sandy Sullens and Scotty Dowdle, Dahlonega.

Drumm, a boy, Roland Vance, Oct. 24, Celes and Gordon Drumm, Flowery Branch.

Faulkner, a boy, Jeffery Delo Jr., Oct. 24, Mechée Johnson and Jeffery Faulkner, Gainesville.

Gee, a boy, Camden James, Oct. 22, Jessica and Bryan Gee, Maysville.

Goodwin, a boy, Beau Matthew, Oct. 12, Kristi and Matthew Goodwin, Gillsville.

Hall, a girl, Braelyn Marie, Oct. 22, Brittany and Joe Hall, Gainesville.

Hatcher, a girl, Jade Lenora, Oct. 22, Misty and Zeb Hatcher, Gainesville.

Henderson, a boy, Hunter James, Oct. 23, Kym and Jimmy Henderson, Lula.

Humphrey, a boy, Ezekiel Isaiah Daywon, Oct. 20, Latoya Johnson and William Humphrey, Lavonia.

Lucas, a boy, Saxon Michael, Oct. 23, Amanda and Thomas Lucas, Cleveland.

Pardue, a boy, Landon Asher, Oct. 22, Charissa and Jacob Pardue, Demorest.

Parker, a girl, Dalyce Faye, Oct. 23, Damien and Tonya Parker, Lula.

Ranette, a boy, Nathan Alain, Oct. 13, Sylvia and Valentino Ranette, Hoschton.

Ray, a boy, Robert Taylor, Oct. 21, Shelley and Jody Ray, Marietta.

Savage, a girl, Madelyn Grace, Oct. 23, Jennifer Savage and Freddie Kirk, Dawsonville.

Senter, a boy, Everett James, Oct. 10, Stephanie and Keith Senter, Gainesville.

Senter, a boy, Carter Joseph, Oct. 10, Stephanie and Keith Senter, Gainesville.

Sofola, a girl, Gabrielle Christina, Oct. 26, Destiny Forrester and Brandon Sofola, Gainesville.

Stephens, a boy, Brandon Scott, Oct. 20, MaryAnn and Scott Stephens, Gillsville.

Sutton, a boy, Grayson Neal, Oct. 19, Kelly and Shannon Sutton, Cleveland.

Thompson, a girl, Lera, Oct. 25, Alison and Jared Thompson, Sugar Hill.

Tuck, a boy, Jaxon Wayne, Oct. 22, Tiffany Spradley and Jake Tuck, Gainesville.

Usher, a girl, Janae Danielle, Oct. 25, Danielle Swain and Tarris Usher, Gainesville.

Usher, a boy, Jace Tarris, Oct. 25, Danielle Swain and Tarris Usher, Gainesville.

Wallace, a girl, Savannha Faith, Oct. 22, Tammy Roper and Dwayne Wallace, Commerce.

Ware, a girl, Kaleigha Jade, Oct. 24, Lori and Javon Ware, Jefferson.

Youngblood, a girl, Sophie Lee, Oct. 26, Jessica and Lonnie Youngblood II, Murrayville

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