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Births published Jan. 18
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Acuna, a girl, Ava Rosalyn, Jan. 6, Cynthia Gunn and Joel Acuna, Gainesville.

Bowden, a girl, Kinsleigh Marie, Jan. 8, Kaela Allison and Christopher Bowden, Gainesville.

Burton, a girl, Lexus Marie, Jan. 6, Wendy and Chuck Burton, Mount Airy.

Castaneda, a boy, Riley Alexander, Jan. 6, Kara Weaver and Justin Castaneda, Gainesville.

Chambers, a girl, Sophie Olivia, Jan. 6, Jessica Chambers and Brandon Foster, Gainesville.

Chambers, a boy, Hudson Kaleb, Jan. 8, Megan and Dustin Chambers, Murrayville.

Dispain, a boy, Isaiah Trey, Jan. 7, Diana Ferrer and Jeremy Dispain, Gainesville.

Grant, a girl, Anna Lea, Jan. 7, Lisa and Scott Grant, Gainesville.

Hursey, a girl, Lillie Kate, Dec. 6, Katrina and Brian Hursey, Oakwood.

Jackson, a boy, Richard Harold Ray, Jan. 9, Cara and Richard Jackson, Gainesville.

Martin, a boy, Kalem Robert, Jan. 12, Lindsay Martin, Buford.

McClain, a girl, Katie Elizabeth, Jan. 12, Elizabeth and Joseph McClain, Lula.

McLaughlin, a girl, Mallory Skye, Jan. 5, Kathryn and Jesse McLaughlin, Dawsonville.

New, a boy, Richard Lee Jr., Jan. 1, Gidget Snyder and Richard New, Gainesville.

Nogues, a boy, Eduardo, Dec. 21, Gloria Gomez and Eduardo Nogues, Flowery Branch.

Montalvo, a boy, Myles Aiden, Jan. 7, Katie and Christian Montalvo, Gainesville.

Moore, a boy, Austin Micheal, Jan. 8, Tracey Dean and Scott Moore, Gainesville.

Murrow, a girl, Alyssa Brooke, Jan. 5, Tammy and Tony Murrow, Clermont.

Romo, a boy, Joshua Joel, Jan. 4, Lucille Segovia and Joel Romo, Gainesville.

Peck, a boy, Carson Ryan, Jan. 9, Amy and Jerry Peck, Dahlonega.

Schroeder, a girl, Sydney Louise, Jan. 7, Lisa and Michael Schroeder, Buford.

Stewart, a girl, Riley Elizabeth, Jan. 10, Carrie and Darryl Stewart, Baldwin.

Turner, a girl, Lizah Mae, Jan. 9, Alissa and Justin Turner, Cleveland.

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