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Birth announcements published the week of July 25
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Beauford, a boy, Joshua Allen, July 14, Summer Bryant and Jonathan Beauford, Gainesville.

Berger, a boy, John Edward Ray, July 13, Debra and William Berger, Clarkesville.

Browning, a boy, Leo Wylde, July 19, Lori and Jamie Browning, Clermont.

Callahan, a girl, Arabella Céle Cheryiah, July 13, Amy and Joseph Callahan, Clarkesville.

Cantrell, a boy, Tatum Walker, July 16, Candace Hebert and Corey Cantrell, Cleveland.

Clark, a girl, Allison Zofia, July 16, Reesa-Lee Cole and Derrick Clark, Gainesville.

Cruz, a girl, Abigail Aurora, July 12, Christina Freeland and Angel Cruz, Cleveland.

Edwards, a girl, Sawyer Lakely, July 13, Jessica and Chad Edwards, Dahlonega.

Escamilla, a girl, Gianna Alexa, July 13, Bethzayda and Guillermo Escamilla, Flowery Branch.

Figueroa, a boy, Salvador, July 13, Hilda and Roberto Figueroa, Dahlonega.

Garner, a boy, Cameron James, July 14, Bethany Prater and James Garner, Flowery Branch.

Greenway, a girl, Emerson Parks, July 15, Heather and Matthew Greenway, Gillsville.

Greenway, a boy, Chandler Matthew, July 15, Heather and Matthew Greenway, Gillsville.

Hilton, a girl, Alexis Nicole, July 16, Alison Hilton, Sautee.

Jones, a girl, Macie Lynn, July 16, Amber and Ryan Jones, Alto.

Lovell, a girl, Gracie Mae, July 17, Jordan Lovell, Flowery Branch.

Maney, a girl, Tenley Kate, July 14, Tasha and Tyler Maney, Homer.

Marshall, a boy, Tylar Micah, July 16, Dorinda and Mitch Marshall, Baldwin.

Martin, a girl, Ashlyn Presley, July 14, Lindsay Martin, Buford.

Morgan, a boy, Caleb Cody, July 10, Kerry Lamanac and Zane Morgan, Cleveland.

Payne, a girl, Lylah Yvonne, July 13, Nanyamka and Victor Payne Sr., Braselton.

Payne, a girl, Lillee Louise, July 13, Nanyamka and Victor Payne Sr, Braselton.

Peevy, a boy, Abram Michael, July 13, Brittany and Chris Peevy, Jefferson.

Pittman, a girl, Maple Jayne Lynn, July 12, Brittany Barrett and Brett Pittman, Gainesville.

Rail, a girl, Ember Makayla, July 16, Kristina and Chad Rail, Gainesville.

Ross, a boy, Jesse Severen, July 10, Rachel Hoffman and Byron Ross, Alto.

Stinchcomb, a girl, Jessie Shae, July 13, Pam and Tony Stinchcomb, Hoschton.

Stuckey, a girl, Meredith Kathryn, July 18, Courtney and Michael Stuckey, Lula.

Towe, a girl, Holly Faith, July 14, Helena LaPort and Kerry Towe, Gainesville.

Villatoro, a girl, Lexi Ann, July 17, Misty and Randy Villatoro, Gainesville.

Voyles, a girl, Aderyn Jane, July 19, Jessica and Jason Voyles, Flowery Branch.

Whittenburg, a boy, Ethan Adrian, July 19, Aimee and Tyler Whittenburg, Flowery Branch.

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