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Birth announcements published July 3
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Asherbranner, a girl, Bella Jayne, June 22, Holly and Brian Asherbranner, Cleveland.

Ayala Rios, a boy, Bryan Ricardo, June 16, Esmeralda Rios and Ricardo Ayala, Cornelia.

Barnard, a boy, Bailey Smith, June 23, Britney and Jason Barnard, Gainesville.

Bentley, a girl, Isabella Laura Diane, June 24, Jennifer and Justin Bentley, Mount Airy.

Bowen, a boy, Liam Henry, June 23, Molly and William Dean Bowen, Clermont.

Busby, a boy, Hunter James, June 22, Daphne Carder and Joshua Busby, Dahlonega.

Carter, a boy, Joseph Wilson, June 25, Racheal and Billy Carter, Gainesville.

Dodd, a boy, Brayden Lee, June 10, Brittin Hereford and Dennis Dodd Jr., Cleveland.

Evans, a boy, Isaac Walker, June 23, Jessica and Matthew Evans, Gainesville.

Garst, a boy, Caleb David, June 21, Ashley Sturdivant and Justin Garst, Cleveland.

Haase, a boy, Lucas Benjamin, June 16, Laura and Joey Haase, Demorest.

Holmberg, a boy, Braylon Lucas, June 28, Alyssa Ferguson and Ric Holmberg, Lula.

Hulsey, a girl, Lexi Taylor, June 26, Megan and Chris Hulsey, Flowery Branch.

Izaguirre, a boy, Caleb Preston, May 17, Megan and Albert Izaguirre, Gainesville.

Johnson, a girl, Kadence Adelyn Michelle, June 4, Jessica and Andy Johnson, Gainesville.

Jones, a girl, Gabriella Marie, June 24, Christina and Chance Jones, Gainesville.

Lazenby, a girl, Lillianna Geneva, June 20, Jennifer and Shane Lazenby, Murrayville

Lynn, a girl, Jamie Faith, June 24, Kelly and Andrew Lynn Jr., Cornelia.

McAllister, a boy, Jackson Chad, June 24, Brenda and Chad McAllister, Cornelia.

McInnis, a girl, Noelle Grace, June 19, Katie and Taylor McInnis, Suwanee.

Perez, a boy, Brooklyn Joseph, June 20, Casey Courie and Diego Perez, Gainesville.

Perry, a boy, Jonah Ryder, June 16, Jacqueline Perry, Mount Airy.

Simmons, a girl, Emma Kailey, June 15, Kristy and Nero Simmons, Baldwin.

Simmons, a boy, Jackson Thomas, June 24, Layla and Justin Simmons, Dahlonega.

Spurlock, a boy, Daniel James Jr., June 28, Carolyn and Daniel Spurlock Sr., Cornelia.

Payne, a girl, Taliyah Faith, June 23, Shemeka Smith and Todd Payne, Gainesville.

Thome, a girl, Emily Joy, June 28, Robin R. and Jacob M. Thome, Gainesville.

Velasquez, a girl, Joselin, June 25, Sabina and Jose N. Velasquez, Lula.

Wade, a boy, Caleb Andrew Jr., June 22, Kimberly Slaughter and Caleb Wade, Cornelia.

Wagemaker, a girl, Braelyn Danielle, June 24, Angela and Robert Wagemaker, Dahlonega.

White, a boy, Cian Reese, June 26, Timeka Tabb and David White, Gainesville.

Wise, a boy, Trevor Anthony, June 24, Cecilia and James O. Wise Jr., Cornelia.

Worley, a girl, Allison Blake, June 25, Jennifer and Brian Worley, Gainesville.