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Birth announcements published July 10
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Ayala, a boy, Fausto Maximus, June 29, Tatiana Madera and Fausto Ayala, Gainesville.

Ayers, a boy, Easton William, July 1, Paige and Kendall Ayers, Alto.

Bogard, a girl, Emma Katherine, May 15, Lisa and Shawn Bogard, Buford.

Bowen, a girl, Aubri Shay, June 29, Tiffany Bowen and Ben Fish, Gainesville.

Chambers, a girl, Alexis Morgan, July 2, Candace Moon and Joshua Chambers, Dahlonega.

Cordova, a girl, Olivia Sophia, June 29, Jessica and Oscar Cordova, Gainesville.

Croft, a girl, Caroline Marie, June 29, Ellison and Jason Croft, Gainesville.

Dotson, a boy, Tuff Easton, June 28, Heather N. Passmore and Kyle T. Dotson, Cornelia.

Drinkard, a girl, Mia Averi, June 30, Haley Gresham and Travis Drinkard, Jefferson.

Dyer, a boy, Logan Alexander, July 1, Kristina and Alex Dyer, Cleveland.

Elias, a girl, Allyson Yareli, June 27, Prudencia Tomas and Victor Hugo Elias, Clarkesville.

Enyart, a girl, Zoe Olivia, July 2, Ashley and Mason Enyart, Cumming.

Grizzle, a boy, Hudson Cole, June 29, Dawn and Kevin Grizzle, Gainesville.

Hastings, a boy, Isaiah Jett, June 29, Sara and Michael Hastings, Gainesville.

Henderson, a boy, Kayden Tucker, June 30, Erica Autry and Jeffrey Henderson, Cleveland.

Holcombe, a girl, Aubrey Grace, June 30, Heather and Jason Holcombe, Oakwood.

Holland, a boy, Kayden Zy'mir, July 2, Kylen Jackson and Xavier Holland, Gainesville.

Johnson, a girl, Makenna Faith, June 27, Lacey and Paul Johnson, Demorest.

Lee, a boy, Skyler Emmett Everette, June 28, Allie and Kyle Lee, Mount Airy.

Martin, a boy, Harrison Rooker, July 3, Neysa Davis and Dusty Martin, Gainesville.

Meaders, a girl, Serenity Annalina Flora, July 3, Jarica and Jerry Meaders, Gainesville.

Misencik, a boy, Maverick Dante, June 27, Leah and Garrett Misencik, Clarkesville.

Moreno, a boy, Lincoln Joshua, June 30, Amanda and Josh Moreno, Cleveland.

Nutting, a girl, Destiny Alexis, June 30, Jessica and Dewayne Nutting, Cleveland.

Perez, a girl, Sirena Shadow, June 28, Latosha Swain and Silvino Perez, Oakwood.

Perez, a boy, Daniel Loredo, July 1, Kimberly and Jesus Perez, Gainesville.

Phongsavanh, a girl, Kelsie Alexis, June 30, Joy and Rodney Phongsavanh, Mount Airy.

Randall, a girl, Aubrie Lynette, June 29, Tiffany Stephens and Jonathan Randall, Mount Airy.

Richardson, a girl, Avery Marie, June 30, Lindsey Richardson, Oakwood.

Souther, a boy, Clayton Lee, June 29, Jacqueline Campbell and Cory Souther, Cleveland.

Vaughn, a girl, Erica Nicole, June 30, Reba Allen and Tim Vaughn, Baldwin.

Wallace, a girl, Emery Caroline, July 1, Hannah and Chris Wallace, Gainesville.