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Selfie museum aims to bring young blood back to Lakeshore Mall
11272021 MUGSHOTZ 1.jpg
William Mahnken tours the newly opened Mugshotz Friday, Nov. 26, 2021, in Lakeshore Mall. Mahnken and wife Shannan opened the selfie museum that features 50 cubicles and backgrounds. - photo by Scott Rogers

William and Shannan Mahnken are hoping Mugshotz will bring teens and kids back to the mall, because they’re giving them something they can’t order online: a 48-booth selfie museum.
William said he got the idea for a selfie museum after watching TikTok videos in which kids took selfies with friends in creative places, and he thought designing a store specifically for that need could work. 

“We put the tools out there and let them be creative,” he said. 

Mugshotz doesn’t lend customers cameras for selfies, but it features 48 booths with varied themes including an Indiana Jones-style adventure room, a kissing booth and one with “Harry Potter” book pages pasted across all three walls. The store is designed to have many different spaces for people to take pictures with friends and family. Eventually, it will have 50 booths that will change with different styles over time, William said, and a back area will be used for reserved party rooms.

After working at Wal-Mart for more than 20 years, William said his goal was to “work paycheck to paycheck for himself,” instead of for someone else. He and his wife, Shannan, got married in July 2018, after William proposed to her on the popular Netflix reality series, “Queer Eye.” 

William said the show helped him with his confidence, and he appreciated the support from fans following his appearance. And you may have spotted William as a background actor in “Stranger Things” and “The Walking Dead” since appearing on “Queer Eye.”

William came up with most of the design ideas for booths in the store, but Shannan built most of the sets, they said. 

“One thing we’re excited about is being in a mall to try to help the mall out,” William said. 

“I think malls need to be more of things you can’t do online,” Shannan said. “Because people go shopping for things online all the time, but you can’t do something like this online. Malls need to be turned into entertainment places.” 

To keep the place fresh, William said they will keep track of the booths most often tagged on social media and switch out the less popular designs. 

It costs $20 for an hour per person during the week and $25 on weekends. Each additional hour is $10.

Mugshotz held its grand opening on Black Friday, Nov. 26, and is located between Finish Line and Flip ‘n Fun at Lakeshore Mall.