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Fox’s ‘Monarch’ has been filming in Hall County. Its January premiere date is now pushed to fall
01202022 MONARCH 1.jpg
A shot from the pilot episode of "Monarch," starring Susan Sarandon and Trace Adkins. The Fox Entertainment country music drama has been primarily filmed in South Hall. Photo courtesy Fox Media LLC.

Don’t pop the popcorn just yet. Those following Fox Entertainment’s country music drama “Monarch,” which has been filming in South Hall, will have to wait a while longer before scenes flit across their TV screens.

Previously slated to air Jan. 30 following the NFL’s NFC Championship Game, the series will premiere Sept. 30 — an abrupt delay owed to “the unavoidable realities” of the COVID-19 pandemic and its continuous impact on the film and entertainment industry, the show announced via Facebook last week.

A 446-acre estate at 3509 Tanners Mill Circle in Gainesville, which Fox purchased in August for $15.5 million, has been the show’s primary filming location.

While the show has dodged major outbreaks on set that might halt production up to this point, Fox Entertainment President Michael Thorn told The Hollywood Reporter that gambling with the consistency of the show’s air pattern wasn’t worth the risk. Delaying the show allows the network to produce the entire first season and have ample time for promotion, according to the official “Monarch” webpage.

Starring cinematic icons Susan Sarandon and Anna Friel alongside country music legend Trace Adkins, the “Texas-sized, multi-generational musical drama” follows a country music dynasty’s rise to stardom and the scandals that threaten to jeopardize their reign as country royalty.

Stacey Dickson, president of the Lake Lanier Convention and Visitors Bureau, said her organization supports the network’s efforts to take the pandemic seriously and maintain a healthy working environment for “Monarch” cast and crew members. 

“When they are ready to resume and release, we will be ready to watch,” Dickson said. “We are very excited to see the results of the extensive filming ‘Monarch’ has shot in and around Hall County. Housing a production of this size, with the stellar cast and major investment, is a marvelous addition to Hall County’s already extensive filmography. We have high hopes for ‘Monarch’ and expect it to gain a loyal fan base once released, resulting in the production continuing for many seasons to come.”

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