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Sell your kids, get to the game on Monday
We’ve found a few ridiculous ticket prices in Atlanta
A view from inside Atlanta's Mercedez-Benz Stadium. - photo by Associated Press

News you can use: If you have a spare $9,000, you can snag a single seat in section 128C, row 5 (about midfield) for the College Football Playoff national championship game Monday.

The fine people of Ticketmaster are ready and willing to accept the equivalent of a pretty nice used car in order to spend a few hours in a hard chair in the new Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta. If you’d rather buy that Toyota, you could grab a ticket — a single ticket — four rows back for only $5,000.

But don’t say we aren’t the practical sort — regular folks don’t have the better part of $10,000 to drop on one ticket. Instead, think about a seat approximately one mile from the field in row 16 of section 350 in the upper bowl for only $1,326.

The price of the upper bowl ticket from VividSeats is more like $1,400 once you factor in the cost of a nice pair of binoculars.

And for the extremely impractical — or the ludicrously insane — Vivid Seats has a single ticket on sale for Suite 288 above the Alabama sideline for $87,113.

Seems pretty steep, but who knows — maybe you’ll be sharing the suite with President Donald Trump and the first lady, who are planning to attend Monday’s game. That’s also the price of just 5.8 Bitcoin.

Not to be outdone, StubHub has a 30-person suite available for $123,000. You could take 29 friends to Suite 182 near the 50-yard line for only $4,100 per person.

Or, and hear us out here, you could sell your reasonably priced home and have the whole balcony to yourself. Just an idea.