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Kelsey drinks beer: Tritonia
07142019 BEER 001.jpg
Creature Comforts Brewing Co.'s Tritonia - photo by Austin Steele

It’s that time of year again when the Creature Comforts beer nymphs bless the summer with their cucumber and lime gose, Tritonia. 

This is the type of beer that makes you schedule pool days, just to experience its refreshingness in an optimal environment. 

The cucumber is the star of the show with this one, offering a cool-as-a-cucumber balance to the tart gose. It’s not one of those vegetable beers that feels as though you’re consuming a liquid garden. The beer’s easy-drinking nature nearly makes you hesitate before grabbing a bottle of water from the fridge. 

Since this is the first time I’ve introduced a gose to the column, here’s my crash course in the style. A gose is a traditional German sour wheat beer, usually lemony in taste and brewed with coriander and salt. 

Whenever someone asks me the difference between a gose and other sour brews, I just tell them that the biggest telltale is the addition of coriander and salt. 

Having grown up in Athens, drinking Creature Comforts beer always feels like home. However, you don’t need biased tastebuds to see the talent behind the barrels. 

Tritonia with cucumber and lime first hit the shelves in 2017, and since then has been a seasonal hit for Georgians. 

David Stein, co-founder of Creature Comforts, said the birth of Tritonia was inspired by his love for margaritas. Working alongside Adam Beauchamp, the brewery’s co-founder and brewmaster, he used lime and salt as a starting point. The addition of cucumber naturally fell into place. 

“As brewers and people who get to make the decisions on what we create, sometimes it’s just as easy as, ‘We like margaritas,’” Stein said. 

To bring your Trionia with cucumber and lime to the next level, Stein recommends adding a splash of silver tequila to the mix. You’re welcome. 

OK, enough about the beer. Let’s talk about the creepy mermaid hand in the picture above. 

Feeling inspired by the mermaid on the can of Tritonia, I crafted a makeshift fin and attached it to my arm. The vision: a mermaid version of the Lady of the Lake, holding a beer can, instead of Excalibur. 

Austin Steele, the photographer behind the beer column, made the idea come alive at Lake Lanier. 

Making a sacrifice for art, I walked into the lake, embracing the leery gazes of children. Thunder rumbled in the background as Austin took the money-making shot of my arm shooting out of the water. 

If there was ever a beer worth causing a peculiar scene at a public lake for, Tritonia would be it. 

People can find this tasty brew on tap at Creature Comforts, which is located at 271 W Hancock Ave. in Athens.