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Kelsey drinks beer: Sour Continuum with Pink Guava
03242019 BEER 001.JPG
Six Bridges Brewing's Sour Countinuum with Pink Guava - photo by Austin Steele

If I ever see a Berliner Weisse at a brewery there’s a 99 percent chance I’ll try it, which leads me to Six Bridges Brewing’s Sour Continuum with Pink Guava.

As one of the first brews put on tap at the Johns Creek-based brewery, which opened in December 2018, this beer exemplifies everything I adore about a Berliner Weisse.

To me, a perfect Berliner Weisse not only hits you with tart fruit-forwardness, but finishes with a delightful wheat flavor you’d get from fresh sourdough bread. The Sour Continuum with Pink Guava passes both of those checkpoints with flying, and very fruity, colors.

Unlike a fair amount of sour beer, the Sour Continuum with Pink Guava doesn’t make your mouth pucker like the guy on WarHeads candy packages. The beer has a light sour flavor, which is ideal for those uneasy about punchy sours.

Clay Gridley, the co-owner of Six Bridges, said the brewing team opted for pink guava to introduce an unconventional fruit flavor to the style.

“Others were doing different berries, and we were looking for something a little different,” he said. “We tried various different fruits and landed on this one. I think it compliments the style very well.”

For a full batch of beer, Gridley said they pack around 1,100 pounds of pink guava. Like most breweries that use fruit, the pink guava came in the form of aseptic puree, which eliminates the need for the long process of boiling and sanitizing the fruit.

This guava beer is a part of the brewery’s Sour Continuum series, which rotates various fruit beers including boysenberry and the upcoming mango and pomegranate.

So let’s talk about the flavor in this guava brew.

As soon as the glass hit the table in front of me, I could smell the guava. I wouldn’t say I have a super keen sense of smell, it’s just that bold.

I’ve never actually taken a bite of guava, only indulged in copious amounts of the canned guava nectar you can find in just about any grocery store.

Berliner Weisse beer was my gateway beer into the world of sours, and since then it has always remained my favorite style.

Combining the guava with the Berliner Weisse is a stroke of brilliance that would bring a tear to the eye of Dionysus himself. The Sour Continuum with Pink Guava went above and beyond my expectations of the brew.

I always look forward to the back end wheaty flavor when I’m trying Berliner Weisse, and this one took me back to my time living in Braunschweig, Germany, when Brötchen graced the breakfast table every morning. I welcomed the bread flavor with open arms and I can’t wait to see what other Berliner Weisse Six Bridges will bust out.

People can only purchase this brew at Six Bridges, which is located at 11455 Lakefield Drive, Suit 300 in Johns Creek. However, Gridley said the brewery will enter the market April 10. The initial range will include a 10-mile radius around the brewery in restaurants and package stores. Once the brewery’s canning sales gain momentum, Gridley said the access points will expand.

Also, to all of my stout-loving friends, I urge you to check out the brewery’s State Bridge series.

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