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Kelsey drinks beer: Peach State
06022019 BEER 001.jpg
Red Hare Brewing Company's Peach State Pale Ale - photo by Austin Steele

When I saw Red Hare Brewing Company’s Peach State beer at my local bottle shop, my Georgian senses kicked into overdrive.

Maybe the allure sparked from the can’s design, which looks strikingly similar to the standard Georgia license plate, or the simple fact that a Georgia brewery created a peach beer. Before even glancing at the other craft brews, a six-pack of Peach State teleported out of the store and into my fridge.

Peach State

Brewery: Red Hare Brewing Company

Alcohol by volume: 5.8%

Style: Peach pale ale

Bottom line: A peachy, Georgian-approved beer

Bobby Thomas, co-founder and head brewer at Red Hare Brewing, said he released the beer in March 2019 with the idea of “mixing up” the seasonal peach beer game.

Instead of making the brewery’s usual peach Berliner Weisse, he opted for a peach pale ale with lactose and honey malt.

“You don’t see many lactose beers in the summertime,” he said. “It’s a little heavier, but clean. We wanted to keep it around 5%, and also fun and drinkable.”

Thomas said with the brewery’s previous peach beer, he worked with a fruit purée supplier out of Oregon. This year’s brew contains peach purée from South America, which he finds significantly sweeter than the Pacific Northwest option.

Thomas packed 8.8 pounds of peaches into each 31-gallon barrel.

“Peaches can be a mild fruit, so we had to use a lot,” he said.

I recently visited Jaemor Farms in Alto during the beginning of its peach season. Having the memory of fresh Georgia peaches still on my mind, I didn’t want to get my hopes up about this beer.

After one sip, I discovered my doubts were unfounded.

Surprisingly, the peach flavor continued to build the more I drank it. I experienced bursts of tartness that had me second guessing whether or not I ate a peach before drinking the beer.

While the peach flavor undeniably took the lead role in this show, I enjoyed the supporting notes from the hops, which balanced out the sweetness.

Even people who don’t have peach juice running through their veins like most Georgians can appreciate this scrumptious brew.

When asked if the beer would return for another year, Thomas replied, “It’s possible, but we’ll see.”

I encourage you to grab Peach State when you can because it may not resurface for a while.

Red Hare Brewing is located at 1198 Delk Industrial Blvd. SE in Marietta and at 4802 Main St. in Shallotte, North Carolina.

For more information about the brewery visit