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Kelsey drinks beer: Me Seeks!
‘Rick and Morty’ inspires porter
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Ironmonger Brewing Company's Me Seeks! Porter - photo by Austin Steele

Sarah Green, head-brewer at Ironmonger Brewing Company in Marietta, crafted up a beer even Rick Sanchez, the eccentric, misanthropic, alcoholic scientist would appreciate.

Paying homage to one of her favorite shows, “Rick and Morty,” Green brewed a porter named after the adult cartoon’s creatures who live to serve one purpose, then vanish. These poor blue souls are called Mr. Meeseeks, hence the beer’s name — Me Seeks.

“I love ‘Rick and Morty’ and so does our sales director,” Green said. “We were talking about the beer and the name just stuck.”

Me Seeks!

Brewery: Ironmonger Brewing Company

Alcohol by volume: 6 percent

Style: Porter with molasses and paprika

Bottom line: A nice dry porter with a pleasant acidic bite

If you haven’t watched the show and are confused by these references, I encourage you to check out the fifth episode from the first season, which introduces Mr. Meeseeks. If adult cartoons aren’t your thing, then maybe just stick to trying the beer.

For the last seven years, Green said she has carried around a little black notebook where she adds her thoughts and inspiration for new brews.

While talking with the sales director, she came across her jot notes regarding a “smoked porter with paprika.” Both loving the idea, Green went for it and released the beer in November 2018.

For every 10-barrel batch, she uses around 1-2 pounds of paprika, which sounds like a lot, but adds a dash of spice to the final mix.

“I like that it’s a dry roasted porter,” Green said. “You don’t get that around here, and there’s a hint of parika too that’s not overwhelming.”

Me Seeks is one of the brewery’s year-round core beers. Green said the taproom offers variances of the porter, including a mint chocolate brew and a chipotle beer.

Before I dive into my thoughts on the porter, let’s talk about this rad can.

The design takes the brewery’s manly logo face and slaps it on top of Rick’s body, which includes his characteristic get-up — a white lab coat, pale blue shirt and brown pants.

Careful not to teeter into copyright infringement, the can portrays “Rick and Morty” inspired elements like an alien planet backdrop and a touch of slime green font.

If you can’t tell, I’m thoroughly impressed with the clever and creative nature of the can.

As for the beer, I admit, while I can enjoy a porter, I wouldn’t put it near the top of my list for favorite styles.

But with this particular porter, I was surprised by its dry, acidic nature. Similar to when you drink a well-made cold brew coffee, I couldn’t get enough of this porter’s nice acidic bite.

The beer had a light mouthfeel, roasted malt notes and an ever-so-slight bitter finish. I didn’t notice the paprika, but this could be because I already overload my diet on a regular basis with spicy food. I don’t know if this holds any scientific backing, but let’s go with it.

If you’re feeling a porter that isn’t heavy nor “desserty,” but easy-drinking and smooth, then I encourage you to give Me Seeks a shot.

People can find this tasty brew at Ironmonger Brewing at 2129 Northwest Parkway SE in Marietta.