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Kelsey drinks beer: Currant Events
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Monday Night Brewing's Currant Events - photo by Austin Steele

Peter Kiley, brewmaster at Monday Night Brewing, doesn’t like picking favorites among his children. Currant Events is almost the exception. 

“I’ll definitely tell you which child is the smartest, and this is one of those children,” he said. “We’re proud of the flavor and the science. It’s not a beer your stumble into making.”

Currant Events

Brewery: Monday Night Brewing

Alcohol by volume: 4.5%

International Bitterness Units: five

Style: Sour 

Bottom line: An absolute stunner 

You don’t even need to take a sip of this kettle sour to tell that it’s a prime brew. The beer’s deep purple hue and vibrant aroma is enough to lure beer scoffers into its tart clutches. 

To brew the beer, Kiley said he used around 2,500 pounds of black currant and 2,000 pounds of boysenberries, both pureed.

He added half of the fruit during fermentation and the other after fermentation, to assure shelf stability. With the warmer weather, fruited beers run the risk of refermentation. 

“When we do heavily fruited beers, we find a way to make a safe beer that won’t referment and explode in the can,” Kiley said. 

Among the sea of kettle sours that continue to pop out of breweries, Currant Events holds its own. 

I consider myself a sour beer fangirl. It’s not every day that I stumble upon one that checks off all the marks.

Currant Events doesn’t shy away from staying true to the fruit. It struts its boysenberry and black currant roots by every means possible and still maintains nuances in flavor. 

The beer doesn’t slap you in the face with tartness like many sours. It provides a refreshingly balanced, not-too-tart brew. 

Did I mention that it’s utterly beautiful? 

Monday Night Brewing enjoys changing people’s perceptions of beer, and Currant Events does just that.

“It’s fun to explore all that is beer and this is a great example of one path of exploration,” he said. “This demonstrates what we want to be as a brewery by showing the knowledge our team has.”

Unless people riot and demand the reappearance of Currant Events, this may be the only time to snag what could be a one-off batch. It’s sold in cans and on tap at Monday Night Brewing’s two Atlanta locations found at 670 Trabert Ave. NW and 933 Lee St. SW.

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