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Home is where the stomach is

Turkey, rolls or sweet potato soufflé – everyone has a Thanksgiving favorite food. For five locals, there’s one thing in common behind their favorites: It reminds them of home.

Gainesville resident Savannah Walker, 23, said her favorite food is the Honey Baked Ham turkey.

“Not the ham, but the turkey,” Walker clarified. “It is traditional for my family. I don’t like ham, so we have been doing that since I was in elementary school.”

Andrew Goordky, 22, of Gainesville, originally said his favorite food at Thanksgiving was stuffing but quickly changed his mind.

“Definitely the green bean casserole because my mom makes it homemade,” Goordky said.

Mike Reeves, 30, of Gainesville, had no second thoughts — he’s all about the stuffing.

“It’s a traditional food for my family,” Reeves said. “I look forward to all the food options, the weather, spending time with family and Christmas lights.”

Jessica Seeley, 34, of Oakwood, looks forward to the sweet potatoes each year.

“They were my grandpa’s favorite. He passed away a couple of years ago so they always remind me of him,” Seeley said. “My family is split far and wide, so this is the first Thanksgiving I am actually doing it as an adult. I am pregnant, and my boyfriend and I are getting married this season – I am thankful for extra blessings this year.”

Though the traditional turkey is her favorite food, Jennifer Young, 35 of Braselton, said she looks forward to the time after dinner.
“I love Thanksgiving because no one expects anything. You just get together, eat and go shopping,” Young said, adding that shopping is a tradition shared with her mom.

For Walker, her family celebrates Christmas and Thanksgiving at the same time with extended family.

“Family all comes over to my mom’s, including my great-grandma, cousins and everyone,” Walker said. “It is the one time we all get to see each other at one time.”

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