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From beers to bicycles, Gainesville making plans for championship game
Staying home or going out: Locals talk about their plans
01042017 GAME 1
John Lilly III, pictured on Thursday, is spending his Monday night watching the National Championship game with his son -- recreating Georgia’s 1980 championship game that Lilly watched with his own father. - photo by Nick Bowman
Gainesville’s Georgia fans are finding themselves in a tough spot: They love their team and they’re only an hour from the National Championship, but they can’t imagine dropping the cash needed to get into the stadium on Monday. But with 37 years between now and Georgia’s last championship, fans aren’t letting the generational moment go by. Over on Springdale Drive, Georgia megafan John Lilly III won’t just be watching a football game on Monday — he’ll be continuing a deep family tradition that began decades earlier. He’ll be watching the game with his son, John Lilly IV, just as he watched the 1980 championship game against Notre Dame with his own father, John Lilly II, in Jonesboro.