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TV appearance marks new step for Dahlonega band
0918MidnightClear RW
Midnight Clear will perform on the CBS Early Show on Tuesday.

It's almost been a year since Midnight Clear won the "CBS Early Show's" battle of the bands series called "Living Room ... Live," and now they will make another appearance on the morning show.

This time they have a CBS Records contract and are releasing two new singles.

"CBS Records is flying us up for the release of the new songs that will be available at that time on iTunes," said drummer Rory Knapton. "They're going to let us do one full song for sure ... we pretty much decided to do the song ‘You Should Have,' the new version of it."

"You Should Have," along with "Wooden Shoe," will be released Tuesday on iTunes and through other digital media.

"That is their forte, (the) digital market now, instead of the old dinosaur way of doing things," Knapton said.

According to, the record company will focus on different digital media platforms to release Midnight Clear's music. For example, music possibly would be added to a prime time entertainment series on the CBS network's schedule.

The Dahlonega band is made up of Knapton, guitarist Derrick Gaddis, lead vocalist Jeremy French and bassist Brandt French.

To check out Midnight Clear locally, just head up to Helen for Oktoberfest.

"We are playing for no charge this weekend," Knapton said. "In the courtyard in front of Alt Heidelberg."

The band will play at 8 p.m. Friday and Saturday "for the next three or four weeks before the band goes on tour, and everyone can celebrate with us," Knapton said.

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