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Take a hike through Gainesville history
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Hike Through History
What: A look at the area’s markers and monuments
When: 1-4p.m. Sunday
Where: Northeast Georgia History Center
More info: 770-297-5900

Lace up and learn about the history that surrounds you. The Northeast Georgia History Center is hosting a scavenger hunt and forum on local monuments and historical markers.

The program will focus on learning to identify markers and the many forms they often take such as monuments, gravestones and street signs.

Kids and adults alike can take the opportunity to learn about area history, reading maps and even take part in a hands-on floating compass experiment.

The center will have a list of 10 items located on the grounds that visitors will be challenged to find. Another list will challenge them to walk about the downtown area and hunt for another 15 or so markers and have their picture taken in front of their find.

Julie Carson, education and volunteer coordinator for the center, said the idea for the program will tie into next month’s events.

"We want to get them thinking about places in the area that should have an historical marker, but don’t."

All of the photos taken will be compiled into a display that creates a map, of sorts, of Gainesville monuments.

Carson said she hopes people will take the idea and run with it by branching out into Hall County and beyond.

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