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Songstress evokes jazz, folk tunes
Suzahn Fiering

When jazz singer-songwriter Suzahn Fiering sings, her lyrics flow smooth as molasses. She sneaks in some "scatting," and it's then that you can't decide if her classic sound is that of a historic jazz artist, or if she's in the here and now.

Fiering will perform with fellow singer-songwriters Jon Wolfe and Kenny Harlan at 7 p.m. Saturday at The Crimson Moon in Dahlonega.

"I would describe my style as kind of jazz and blues-oriented, but it's very eclectic. It's infused with Americana music," Fiering said. Americana music is also known as American folk music.

Born in Buffalo, N.Y., Fiering has been involved in a spectrum of careers in the music industry - from being an engineer and a label administrator to her current role as a writer and performer. Her songs have been featured on "Oprah" and "Desperate Housewives," and honored at The Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C. and The Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, N.Y.

After thriving in the New York City jazz club scene, Fiering moved to Nashville, Tenn., to work with MCA Music. It was there she recorded her newest album, "Paris Without His Kiss."

Her wistful tune, "Lucky Wishing Star," recalls the romantic lyrics of jazz performers of the past.

"Let me be the star you wish upon/The marquee that your dreams are written on/Whisper dear, you're the perfect one by far/Then I'll always be your lucky wishing star."

Although she moved to Nashville for work, she said its nurturing atmosphere keeps her there.

"There are a tremendous amount of writers who also perform, and that's the whole subculture called the singer-songwriter, and really that is the foundation, the cornerstone of Nashville," she said.

Fiering said songwriters sometimes don't get the credit they deserve.

"We're the backbone of the industry," she said. But Fiering doesn't mind when she's behind the scenes.

"It's a really great moment for me if I am in a club and someone's playing one of my songs and I get my second to stand up and wave to the performer," she said.

For the Crimson Moon performance, Fiering will take the stage herself to perform her self-penned songs.

"First we're going to start with ‘writers in the round,' which is a Nashville tradition where we'll put the three of us on stage at the same time, and we each take a turn playing a song," Fiering said. "It's called a round robin. And then we're going to break off into separate mini-sets.

"I'm an artist. I travel the world as an artist, but I'm really a writer by trade. I'm a writer who got lucky, I guess," she said.