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Relive the good ol days at Murrayville Day
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It has Shriners, a team of horses and a high school marching band.

That's a pretty good turnout for a parade from a town many consider a blip on the map on their way to someplace else.

But that's why Murrayviille celebrates this Saturday - they want people to slow down, sit for a while and chat with their neighbors. So, for the seventh year now, residents and out-of-towners alike can join in the Murrayville Day Parade and all the festivities that go along with it.

"We've got antique cars, we have church floats, we've got some businesses (in the parade) - it's just our little community effort to come together for the day," said co-chairwoman Lydia Conner, who organizes the parade for the event. Elaine Black organizes the crafters and other vendors.

"It's just a little friendly atmosphere," she added. "People don't know Murrayville's still on the map; for lots it's just a pass-through area now."

The Chestatee High School marching band will be marching in the parade, as well as a team of horses from Savage Realty.

The parade starts north of the Chevron Station and Dollar General, Conner said, with the route ending one mile down Ga. 60 at Savage Realty.

Conner said the grassy area around United Community Bank is one of the more popular areas for watching the parade because it's slightly higher up. But there are several other good spots to watch from, too.

"It will be a mile from the Chevron station to the end of the route, and the Mexican restaurant is there, or the pharmacy - you can even have an ice cream cone while you wait.

"Anywhere you can find a spot, just come on and bring a yard chair and let the kids pick up the candy."

At the end of the route, vendors will have hot dogs, barbecue, nachos and crafts.

"It's just a springtime festival, just trying to let people remember that Murrayville is still here, we're still hometown America, and you really do get to come out and see some neighbors," she added. "It gives you a chance to get out, and that whole area has really grown."

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