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Movie snacks offer more variety, but still include popcorn
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For some people, a trip to the theater just isn't complete without a big tub of popcorn.

"When you go to the movies they've got popcorn, and it's really good popcorn," said Tommie Smith, assistant manager at Hollywood Cinemas in Gainesville. "It's not popcorn like you can pop at home."

But popcorn, though likely the most popular snack, isn't the only thing you can pick up at your local theater. Hollywood Cinemas also sells Icees, nachos and candy.

The Holly Theatre in Dahlonega recently began serving Otis Spunkmeyer cookies at their movie showings.

Sanaa Merani, who works in the box office there, said the theater added the treats in the last year or so and they've been a big hit.

"They always sell out 'cause ... Otis Spunkmeyer sends them to us frozen, but we bake them in our ovens here right before the show," she said.

Her favorite variety, she said, is the oatmeal raisin cookies.

The theater also sells the traditional popcorn and candies.

Smith said candy also ranks high on her list of favorite movie snacks.

"I got to have the chocolate. I've got to have the Goobers or the Raisinettes," she said.

Many candies come in boxes of bite-sized pieces for easy eating at the movies. And convenience is certainly a factor in what makes a good movie snack.

"A lot of theaters sell hot dogs and things, and, you know, that's just - you're eating in the dark," Smith said.