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Photographer snaps stormy seas on film
Fox Gradin exhibits pictures in gallery at Regions Center
Celestial Studios owner Fox Gradin has her photographs titled “Six Days of Storms at Sea” on display at the Quinlan Visual Arts Center Mini Gallery in the Regions Center in Gainesville.

Celestial Studios owner Fox Gradin is the photographer of the pieces she has titled “Six Days of Storms at Sea.”  She is the summer camp director and instructor at Quinlan Visual Arts Center and festival director of Art in the Square. Gradin helps coordinates parades and is a belly dancer, professional clown, painter, Cub Scout leader and entertainer, and consultant.

Gradin’s art and photography is based in storytelling and fantasy. She also enjoys blending her work with unexpected materials.

The series of photographs is one of many shows featuring emerging North Georgia artists in the small gallery at 303 Jesse Jewell Parkway.

Admission to view the gallery is free.

For more information, call 770-536-2575 or visit

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