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Moonshine Music and Arts Festival lights up the stage in Braselton
Event includes over 80 performers
More than 80 performers will be featured across four stages during the Moonshine Music and Arts Festival June 30-July 2 at Lanier Raceplex in Braselton.

Moonshine Music and Arts Festival

When: June 30-July 2
Where: Lanier Raceplex, 5301 Winder Highway, Braselton
How much: $69-159, plus music and camping options
More info: Event is for ages 18 and older with identification

Liquid moonshine isn’t a part of the Moonshine Music and Arts Festival, but there will be plenty to see under the shining moon, including more than 80 performers across four stages.

“It is an electronic music and arts festival,” Brandon Couturier, general manager of the festival, said. “There’ll be live painting, lots of live visualization through the event. We do have musicians from around the world, some deejays, but some live electronic bands.”

He described electronic music as including a variety of musical influences but few vocals.

“We have live painters painting on canvas, different medium of artists from around the world, creating beautiful artworks on the site and teaching people how to do art,” he added. “In our camping area we are going to have art theme camps where artists gather together and all paint together and create imagery that is beautiful.”

The event also will feature information sessions they call a Knowledge Drop.

“These are locations that people can go and gather and learn anything from computer coding to how to take care of the earth a little bit better to yoga to meditation,” Couturier said. “There are different areas of spirituality that are being offered as well from different instructors from all over the country. We also offer a morning yoga class from our main stage area.”

The festival also is intended to be good for the environment.

“It is a leave no trace behind festival — no excessive trash, no pollution, that sort of thing,” Couturier said. “Our goal is that within a year to be a 100 percent green festival.”

The event is open to people 18 and older with identification because alcohol will be available. The event was held for the past four years at Cherokee Farms in northwestern Georgia. Couturier said the event moved to Lanier Raceplex this year to be closer to Atlanta, giving better hotel options for those who didn’t want to camp.

“It just seemed like an ideal location for what we were trying to accomplish, a little bit more intimate vibe,” Couturier said.

Couturier said the event’s name is not connected to moonshine stills and beverages like the festival of a similar name in Dawsonville.

“Moonshine started five years ago as a group of friends in the woods who just wanted to have a good time, so they called it the moonshine campout,” he said. “It has developed over time from the moonlight, the shine of the moon, more in that light.”

The festival offers one-day and weekend passes with parking and camping options also available. Couturier said Lanier Raceplex go-carts will also be operating during the weekend. Food and beverage vendors will be available.

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