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Dahlonega filmmakers earn screening at Macon festival
Sunnyside Drive by Sozo Bear Films to be featured July 21-22
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“Sunnyside Drive” will be showing Friday, July 21, at The Douglass Theatre and Saturday, July 22, at The Cox Capital Theatre during the 2017 Macon Film Festival.

Sozo Bear Films, a film production company based out of Dahlonega, will have its latest short film “Sunnyside Drive” featured in the 2017 Macon Film Festival.

The company is owned by Luke Pilgrim and Brad Kennedy, both 2015 graduates of the University of North Georgia.

“We basically specialize in commercials and documentary-style promotional films as well as music videos,” Pilgrim said. “We also produce our own short films and eventually want to do feature length films as well.”

The duo’s debut short film “The Apology Service” was featured in last’s year Macon festival.

“That was our first movie together,” Pilgrim said. “It was kind of how we started the business basically. It was our senior capstone when we were in college in film school.”

Kennedy said their inspiration usually comes from Steven Spielberg movies like “E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial” as well as other 1980s movies such as “The Goonies.”

As for “Sunnyside Drive,” the two collaborated with a friend to help create the script.

“We collaborated with our friend from film school, Adam Neal, and gave him the idea that we wanted to make a movie in that theme,” Kennedy said. “Then he came back to us with some script ideas and we worked with him to kind of write the movie and then we produced it last summer.”

Kennedy and Pilgrim said their film is for all ages to enjoy and even has message.

“I guess the overall theme and the message of the movie is about not judging the book by its cover,” Pilgrim said. “We like to have themes like that while also making fun, entertaining sci-fi flicks.”

The 2017 Macon Film Festival is set for July 20-23. “Sunnyside Drive” will be showing on Friday, July 21, at The Douglass Theatre during the “Made in Georgia” short film block from 1:15-2:30 p.m. and again from 5:15 -6:25 p.m Saturday, July 22, at The Cox Capital Theatre.

“It’s an honor to be selected,” Pilgrim said. “We’re excited. There’s a lot of really awesome artists who are in the festival. A lot of great directors and filmmakers.”