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Bosses of sauce ready to pile on the pork
Giants of the grill compete in annual barbecue cook-off at Brenau
Judge Deborah Holland, left, tastes samples of Pete Cookston's Yazoo's Delta Q smoked pork shoulder during last year's Brenau Barbecue Championships.
Picture it like an old-fashioned Wild West showdown, the champion gunslinger staring down challengers on the dusty streets of a rustic pioneer town. Only in this match, the cowboys are brandishing tongs and brushes, the ammo is smoked cuts of pork and the dusty streets are on the campus of Brenau University. In this weekend’s fourth annual Brenau Barbecue Championship, set for Friday and Saturday at the Gainesville campus, top grilling chefs will again compete for the top prizes in the event sanctioned by the Memphis Barbecue Network.