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Atlanta pro baseball player Chase dArnaud fulfills musical aspirations
California native writes his own songs and plays guitar
Chase d’Arnaud didn’t start performing his music until recently.

Chase d’Arnaud at The Crimson Moon
When: 8 p.m. Saturday, Jan. 21 and 7 p.m. Sunday, Jan. 22
Where: The Crimson Moon, 24 N. Park St., Dahlonega
Cost: $17
More info: or 706-864-3982

Chase d’Arnaud is no stranger to playing in front of thousands of eager fans. But usually it’s on the baseball field.

Now the singer-songwriter and Atlanta Braves infielder has dreams to play a sold out show at Angel Stadium in Anaheim, Calif.

“Sometimes I just like to close my eyes when I’m singing and imagine I’m singing to a full stadium,” he said. “I aspire to play in front of large crowds.”

d’Arnaud, who said his music borrows from classic country, classic rock and modern country, will sing Jan. 21-22 at The Crimson Moon in downtown Dahlonega.

“I’m really pumped for these shows,” he said.

The shows will include original songs from his last album as well as a few from his upcoming EP, which he hopes to release this spring.

“The new music will have even more rhythm that will make you want to dance a little,” d’Arnaud said.

He said new tracks will be made later in January and he’s hoping to make his new sound more modern.

“With the new project ahead, I had to ask myself what sounds do I go with?” he said. “It’s taking a lot of work. It’s a big decision.”

Music has always been a part of d’Arnaud’s life, especially since his mother was an opera singer. He said he went through almost all the different phases of music while growing up, listening to everything from hip hop to rock. Some of his favorite bands were Led Zeppelin, Radiohead, The Rolling Stones and The Beatles.

But he didn’t start performing until recently. When he does, he sticks to his roots for inspiration.

“Sometimes I go back and listen to those tunes and it’ll get me started on a new song,” he said.

Originally from California, d’Arnaud started writing music about a year and a half ago after meeting Clayton Cages in a coffee shop in California. Cages is one-half of the rock/folk/pop duo The Cages. His son Sebastian is the other half.

The older Cages invited d’Arnaud to a jam session at his house and discovered how well he could sing. That day the two started cutting a track just for fun.

Cages and his son ended up going to spring training with d’Arnaud, living with him in a three-bedroom apartment they turned into a recording studio.

“We had cords everywhere,” d’Arnaud said. “We had rooms that were all amps.”

d’Arnaud then spent much of 2016 either working on music or playing baseball.

“Whenever I wasn’t at the field, I was playing music,” he said. “Whenever I wasn’t playing music, I was at the field.”

Although being a musician and professional athlete may seem different, the two careers came together well, d’Arnaud said. Both are mentally consuming and require lots of time on the road. Overthinking can be a problem for either career, too.

“I could easily overthink the game,” he said. “With music, you have to take a break from it sometimes. The two have formed a symbiotic relationship. For me, it’s helped my life.”

And he has worked to maintain both professions.

d’Arnaud’s performed for the first time with his band was at Bonaroo, a music festival just outside of Nashville, Tenn., last June. His bandmates are Jimmy Harris on guitar, Christian Leonard on drums, Nick Pirtle on guitar and Troy Harris on bass.

His next performance was after a baseball game at Turner Stadium. The next day, he had a walk-off game-winning hit to make for an exciting weekend. And in October, he opened for Lady Antebellum in Alpharetta.

d’Arnaud took a break from shows to visit his family during the holiday season. But he will now return to the stage at The Crimson Moon.

He said the show is open to all ages, encouraging families to come.

“I like to spread good messages and play feel-good songs,” he said. “So there’s nothing in the music that would deter a family from coming.”

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