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50-piece exhibit reveals art of printmaking at Brenau University
Show on display until March 19 in Simmons Visual Arts Center
Kassandra Thomas designed the monotype print “Goodbye My Darling” as part of the “Printmaking at Brenau” exhibit at Brenau University in Gainesville.

Printmaking at Brenau
When: Through March 19
Where: Brenau University Simmons Visual Arts Center, Sellars Gallery Lobby, 200 Boulevard, Gainesville
Cost: Free
More info: 770-534-6263 or

Printmaking is the design and production of prints by an artist, who achieve such a look through various techniques. Brenau University’s art program teaches its students several of those techniques.

When the college in Gainesville was invited to participate with the Outliers Group created as part of the SGC International Conference, the largest professional organization for printmakers, the school accepted the challenge.

“As part of that participation, we were to display printmaking works produced at our school and (the exhibit) ‘Printmaking at Brenau’ was our response to that,” said Claudia Wilburn, associate professor of art and design.

Now, 50 pieces representing the different types of printmaking taught at the university are on display.

“We decided it would be best to display a variety of processes that Brenau students are exposed to,” Wilburn said. “Monotype, etching, screen printing and relief printing are a few. We also decided to use the display cases in the Sellars Gallery entryway as a way to introduce the public to the process used in the creation of prints.”

“Printmaking at Brenau” is on display in the gallery inside the Simmons Visual Arts Center at 200 Boulevard in Gainesville. Hours are 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Thursday. It is closed daily from 12:15-1:15 p.m.

While the “Printmaking” show demonstrates “what the Brenau community is capable of,” it was not the only show it developed to coincide with the SGC, formerly the Southern Graphic Council.

Nichole M. Rawlings, gallery director of Brenau University Galleries, said the school’s participation led to two exhibitions.

“There’s the ‘Southern Hospitality Show,’ which is prints from the Brenau University permanent collection, and then the ‘Printmaking at Brenau’ show out in the lobby,” she said.

“‘Printmaking at Brenau’ ... is work by Brenau University students, faculty, staff and alumna.”

Wilburn, as head of studio art and now in her seventh year at Brenau, was tasked with the “curatorial work” while working closely with Rawlings and staff member/alumna Allison Lauricella to gather those pieces.

“I invited current and previous printmaking students at Brenau to provide a few pieces, asked the gallery to collect student prints from the permanent collection and invited faculty and staff to enter a few pieces as well,” Wilburn said. “I also pulled student work from my own collection, student work created under my tutelage that students provided me with a print from their editions. All of the work in the show was created in the last 7 years.”

Wilburn also has some of her own work on display.

“There are two large woodblock prints I produced, the titles are ‘My Tongue Could Not Speak What Stirred Within Me’ and ‘Caught in the Jungle of Life Where Many are Lost,’” she said.

Printmaking at Brenau is on display in the Sellars Gallery through March 19.

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