BREAKING: Authorities investigating possible homicide in Talmo Road area
The Hall County Sheriff’s Office said it is conducting a death investigation Wednesday, April 21, involving a possible homicide off of Talmo Road.
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5 Questions with Heather Faraday
Chestatee grad is One in a Million with release of first CD
Chestatee High graduate Heather Faraday has released her first full-length CD.

It seems only fitting that Heather Faraday discovered her God-given talent as a performer in church.

"I had my first solo, public performance 10 years ago at my little brother's baby dedication," said Faraday, an Oakwood resident.

"And I've been singing ever since."

The 2004 Chestatee High School graduate has gone on to create her first, full-length album, "One in a Million."

The Times recently caught up with the singer to discuss her career and CD, which was released in April.

Where can people hear you sing?

Right now, I sing at Lakewood Baptist Church (in Gainesville) during the Real Life Worship Service (at 11 a.m. on Sundays). I'm hoping to do more live performances at different venues.

When you're not performing in church, what are your shows like?

I do some acoustic sets, as well as some sets with the full band.

How would you describe the sound of your CD?

I think it sounds more like country-rock a country-rock album. I really like country music because it is fun to listen to and it is fun to sing. Before I started recording, I went through about 45 songs, before I picked 10 for the album. I wanted to pick songs that people could relate to and that were radio-friendly.

Since you are a regular performer at your church, why did you pick country music instead of gospel?

I think with country music, I am able to reach a wider range of people, than if I did just a gospel album.

Where can we get your CD and learn more about your upcoming shows?

My CD is available online at That's also where we post updates about where I will be performing.

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