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Dance workshop, show aim to teach, too
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The Hubbard Street 2 Dance Company
When: Dance and theater workshop, 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.; performance, 2 p.m. Sunday
Where: Holly Theater, 69 W. Main St., Dahlonega
Cost: Workshop free; performance $30. Preregistration required for workshop.
More info: 706-864-3759 or

If you want a career in dance or theater, you can get some tips from the pros on Sunday when The Hubbard Street 2 Dance Company holds an educational workshop at the Holly Theater in Dahlonega.

Jason Palmquist, executive director of Hubbard Street Dance in Chicago, which The Hubbard Street 2 Dance Company grew out of, said Sunday’s workshop is an opportunity to learn about "the nature of contemporary dance, the choreographic process and how dances are made."

Palmquist said Hubbard Street 2, which will also be featured in a performance after the Sunday morning workshop, is a contemporary dance company, which is "even different than modern."

"I would describe it as a fusion of ballet and modern dance," Palmquist said.

"Modern dance is using modern movement vocabulary, whereas ballet is using a kind of technical vocabulary. So, with ballet, there are very specific steps and those specific steps have names. Modern is much more kind of a loose interpretation, and contemporary dance tries to find a balance between the two."

Palmquist said "education about dance is fundamental" to Hubbard Street 2’s mission. "Hubbard Street 2 is our training company, so these are young aspiring professionals," Palmquist said. "They range from 18 to 23 years old, and most of Hubbard Street 2’s time is actually spent in schools, doing performances for young people, introducing them to contemporary dance. "

The company formed about 10 years ago, and was created to provide professional opportunities for young dancers, he said. Dancers train in Hubbard Street 2 and, after about two seasons, are promoted to Hubbard Street or other dance companies around the country.

Gabriel Russo, production manager at the Holly Theater, said he expects Hubbard Street 2 to deliver a unique show.

"This is all choreographed by young choreographers, and it is supposed to be fairly out of the box. They’re dancing in bare feet and combat boots," Russo said. "It’s supposed to be quite stunning."

Palmquist said a "hallmark" of Hubbard Street 2 is its accessibility.

"It doesn’t matter if someone has never seen a dance performance before — they can come and see Hubbard Street 2 and have not only an enjoyable experience in the theater, but take something important away," Palmquist said.

Russo said about 60 students have signed up for the workshop so far. Students will get to ask a "dance master" questions about what it is like to be a professional dancer and watch as the dancers "size" the stage for their performance.