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Cool off with penguins at Fernbank
Penguin displays are located throughout the Ends of the Earth exhibit at Fernbank. Above, visitors can press buttons to hear the corresponding calls of each type of penguin. - photo by Kristen Morales

ATLANTA - Sick of summer's heat already? Then take a trip to the Antarctic to cool off a bit.

Or, at least, take a trip to Atlanta's Fernbank Museum of Natural History, where a new exhibit, "Ends of the Earth: From Polar Bears to Penguins," will get you pretty close. Along with being in a nicely air-conditioned building, the exhibit follows the work of scientists from around the world who have made expeditions to the ends of the earth, literally, to gather information about climate change and the species that inhabit these ice-covered lands.

The exhibits include a little something for all members of the family. Parents and older children can watch video diaries from different scientists talking about what they found or the amazing sights they saw while on the trek. Younger kids can pull on a penguin suit and slide, head first, just like one of those funny black and white birds. They can also "walk" like a penguin on top of precast penguin tracks or crawl into a polar bear cave.

And parts of the exhibits attract anyone - there's a spot to sample different penguin calls, or an interactive video display that answers common questions about the earth's poles.

Along with the interactive exhibits, there's also "Penguins of the Antarctic," a collection of photography by J.J. L'Heureux on display. These 90 photographs are the result of six trips L'Heureux took to the Antarctic, and show the contrast of black-and-white penguins against the stark white snow and ice blue water.

"Antarctic," an IMAX movie taking visitors into the icy world of the South Pole, is also playing at the museum's IMAX theater.