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Artist gives new look to local scenes
Ann Alexander’s paintings show scenes from around North Georgia. They can bee seen in a solo exhibition at the Gainesville branch of the Hall County Library System through the end of the month.
Ann Alexander exhibition
When: 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Thursday; 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Friday and Saturday; 1-5 p.m. Sunday through Jan. 31
Where: Hall County Library, Gainesville branch, 127 Main St., Gainesville
More info: 770-532-3311

Landscapes like “Lake Lanier in Drought,” “Kudzu Cottage” and “Retired Truck” are just a few of the featured pieces of Ann Alexander’s current exhibition at the Gainesville Branch of the Hall County Library System.

The local artist’s paintings usually focus on local scenes, and for the show at the library, she said, she chose all landscape pieces.

“Last year I did still lifes and so this year when they asked me to do it I did landscapes,” Alexander said. “I have various sizes but they were all done around here in the area. I think I have a truck I painted up in Lumpkin County, I have a windmill that was in Dawson County, I have an old store house that was in Dawson County and I have one of the lake and one of a barn here and a couple sunsets here.”

Alexander said local art lovers would like the exhibit because there is something for everyone.  And fans of her work can see a few more pieces in an exhibition around the corner at Peach State Bank in downtown Gainesville. The Peach State Bank exhibition is sponsored by the Georgia Art League.

“It is really interesting and I’ve had a lot of feedback and everyone likes a different one,” she said.

There are two sunset landscapes that Alexander sketched at Laurel Park and a painting of an old store house that her father owned off Ga. 136 in Dawsonville.

Alexander has been painting for nearly 30 years and began painting as a hobby when her children went off to college in the 1980s. Today her paintings include landscapes, still lifes and portraits.

“I do some portraits. I have seven grandchildren and I have done all of them except for one,” Alexander said. “I have learned a lot from artists in the area.”