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Art and antiques collide at weekend Braselton market
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If you’re angling for a deal on handcrafted goods, the Art-Tique Vintage Market in Braselton runs Friday through Sunday, Feb. 22-24, and includes about 100 vendors of handmade, antique items. - photo by Scott Rogers

If you’ve got the hankering for handmade items you can't find on Etsy, then the Art-Tique Vintage Market in Braselton is the place for you.

For its third market, scheduled Feb. 22-24 at 4825 Highway 53, Peggy Cannella said to expect about 100 vendors.

“It’s an indoor/outdoor show, hosting artisans from all over the East Coast bringing their handcrafted, homemade art,” said Cannella, who puts on the event with her wife, Donna Cannella.

It’s a rain-or-shine event, but Cannella said some vendors will be inside the gym and others will be along a covered walkway, so guests will be able to stay out of the rain for the most part.

Even with 100 vendors, Peggy Cannella said the Art-Tique Vintage Market is a small one compared to what she’s used to. Donna Cannella has hosted the Braselton Antique and Artisan Festival — which typically has around 300 vendors — for more than 15 years. The two started the Art-Tique Vintage Market as a way to branch out to other locations and have events more often.

“It’s funny because people will come to the (Art-Tique Vintage Market) and they're like, ‘This is it?’” Peggy Cannella said, laughing. “They're so used to seeing the bigger show.”

Even if it’s a smaller version, the vintage market will have everything from furniture to candles and home decor to soap. Almost everything is homemade and handmade. Peggy Cannella said there are things at the show you can’t find most places.

“We do not overwhelm one genre of things,” Peggy Cannella said.

The variety is what she thinks people like most. Even she and Donna Cannella walk around the market each year and are surprised at everything being offered.

“We walk around the show ourselves,” Peggy Cannella said. “Even though we’re the proprietors of the show, we’re just amazed at some of the stuff that people can make. It’s just cool stuff, it’s really cool stuff.”

She said the best seller each year is the jewelry. Each vendor sells unique items and some can even make requested items on the spot.

“It’s a variety, it’s different things that they can get that they’re not going to get at the mall,” Peggy Cannella said.

One of the things she’s most excited about is the vinyl record vendor. She said there are always unique albums and sifting through them is one of the most fun parts.

Another popular vendor brings metal wall art. There is everything from sports logos to designs for lake living.

Although most of it is handmade, non-imported items, Peggy Cannella said that some vendors do have items imported. But they’re items she said you won't be able to find easily.

“We have a guy that sells wood teak furniture from Indonesia, so stuff like that is imported, but it’s stuff you don’t see at the cash-and-carry stores,” Peggy Cannella said. “It’s just not everyday stuff, and it’s really cool.”

Offering vendors selling items you wouldn't see at those big-box stores is what Peggy Cannella said has kept the Art-Tiques Vintage Market going. And with its success, along with the success of the Braselton Antique and Artisan Festival, the Cannellas hope to bring those items to many more people — partly to offer the items to different communities, but also to give more vendors the opportunity to sell their items.

“We want to continue our following,” Peggy Cannella said. “There are so many talented people out there that they might just not know about Braselton. They want to sell their stuff, they want people to know what they make, but they just don’t have an outlet. And by bringing the Art-Tiques Vintage Market to other places, we're giving them an outlet to show their stuff and sell their stuff.”

It’s serious business putting on the vintage market. Peggy Cannella said each vendor is vetted, making sure its products stand up to the quality the Cannellas expect, and they must commit to the entire weekend. It’s like that because the Cannellas want to hold an event each year that people always look forward to filling an entire weekend.

“It’s our passion,” Peggy Cannella said. “It’s what we believe in and we do have fun with it. We try to have fun.”

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