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Tom Smiley: Moses' mothers model fostering
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Sometimes we are moved only when the alarm bells of our minds, hearts or bodies tell us to move. And sometimes, we don’t move at all.

Here is a brief description of a moving story, perhaps alarming to some, from the Scriptures.

In Exodus 2, we are introduced to a woman named Jochebed. She had such tremendous faith in God that she wove a basket of reeds, sealed it against the elements and placed her son, Moses, into it. Then she cast him into the Nile River rather than see him killed as ordered by Pharaoh.

Soon, Moses was found by Pharaoh’s daughter, who adopted him as her own.

Moses, in the familiar story, grew to be the leader of the famed exodus. He led his Hebrew people out of the oppressive land of Egypt.

I want to note that Pharaoh’s daughter became the Bible’s first woman to adopt a child. And Jochebed is the Scriptures’ first woman who placed her child up for adoption.

How or why is this passage applicable to 21st century believers?

Today, 13,000 children are in the care of our government in Georgia. More than 400 are waiting formal adoption. Those statistics are loudly alarming.

This Scripture displays a comprehensive, Biblically grounded view of adoption, orphan care and foster care. It is the basis for a new ministry of Lakewood, called Jochebed’s Hope. This ministry comes now at not only a crisis in Georgia, but around the globe. Jochebed’s Hope exists to help connect children and families in need to families who can welcome these children for a time or a lifetime. 

Have you heard a bell or is it muted?

Consider this. Lakewood’s ministry mission is three-fold: to encourage believers to embrace adoption, orphan or foster care and minister to all in the adoption triad — birth parents, children and adoptive/foster parents; promote Biblical foundations for adoption and how it relates to our place in the family of God; and share the responsibility of orphan and foster care with orphanages, missionaries or mission teams.

Was that a home alarm or just a critter in your shrubbery?

Multiple ministry teams will be part of the new effort.

As you set your alarm for tomorrow’s work day, please pray for the 150 children in Georgia who are housed in hotels under supervision from the government. They are there because there is no home for them.

Add to your prayer list the more than 200 local children who are placed in homes outside our area because of a critical shortage of local foster homes.

This is a calling of and for special people; it’s a loudly resounding alarm from children who just need a home.

I believe real people are ready to respond to real needs. Please contact Lakewood on how you can respond to the alarm bells of life.

Remember the blessing of the Lord to Moses, “May the Lord make his face shine upon you and be gracious to you.”  


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