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Thompson: Web site keeps track of sex offenders
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If you want to know if there are any sex offenders living near you, go to the Family Watchdog Web site. You simply type in your address and it shows you on a map where the nearest offenders are located. The Web site also gives you a picture and information on the offenders. You can also set it up so that you'll be notified if an offender moves within five miles of your address. The Web site is free.

I thought I knew every home remedy for stopping hiccups. Well, here's a new one. Put a cotton swab or end of a pencil far back into your mouth. The resultant gag reflex will stop the hiccups. Please only use the eraser end of the pencil.

If you're in charge of any type of organization, you need to read the book "Good to Great." Whether you're the CEO of a large company, pastor of a church or leader of a Girl Scout troop, this book can benefit you. The author, Jim Collins, spent five years researching what allowed good organizations to become great. He didn't rely on anecdotal stories, but rather used the scientific method to analyze a vast amount of data on thousands of organizations. The findings are fascinating. Check it out.

If you're not familiar with dust mites, they're the microscopic bugs that inhabit your bed and eat your dead skin. (Disgusting, I know). Believe it or not, dust mites are second only to pollen in causing asthma, respiratory problems and allergies. It's their dead carcasses and feces that cause the problems. (Really disgusting, I know). The best method of keeping the mites at bay is to keep your sheets clean and to vacuum your mattress on a regular basis. Be sure to throw the vacuum bag away right after you finish. The mites can easily escape from it. There's a new product on the market called "RayCop" and it's a dust mite vacuuming system from England. It uses three different methods to kill the critters: UV light, ultrasonic vibration and extreme suction. You can find it at Hammacher Schlemmer. It's pricey at $250.

Tim Thompson lives in Gainesville. E-mail Tim your ideas for tips, tools or tricks.