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Thompson: Longer shirts help plug that crack
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Does your father or husband suffer from "plumbers’ butt"? This is the condition where a man’s T-shirt is too short. When they bend over, the world gets to see part of their backside. It’s not a pretty sight. Here’s the solution. Got to Duluth Trading, where they have special T-shirts designed to combat this problem. The T-shirts have an extra three inches in length! (I’m just doing my part to make Gainesville a better place to live).

Have you ever wanted to recycle something, but didn’t know where to take it? I’m talking about batteries, computers, paint, etc. Check out the Web site Earth 911 . You put in your Zip code and the item you want to recycle and it gives you a list of places that will accept it.

Jere Randall has provided some great tips over the last several years. Here’s another one: When you wear work gloves, you’ll find that one will wear out faster than the other (usually the right one). After you wash them, turn the gloves inside out. Now, when you wear them, the right-handed glove will be on the left hand and vice-versa. This tip allows you to get more mileage out of your gloves.

Does your laundry room stink? If so, it might be your washing machine. Here’s the solution. Run a cycle with hot water and two cups of bleach in it. Don’t put any clothes in. This should help eliminate the odors.

Rachael Ashe sent me an e-mail this week with a number of uses for duct tape. (She knows I love duct tape). Here are a few for your reading pleasure ...

1. Use it to repair lawn furniture

2. Fold it in half and use as a book mark

3. Wrap it around a newspaper to make a dog chew toy

4. Use it to hold batteries in your remote control

5. Make an ash tray with it

6. Use as a clothesline when you’re out in the middle of nowhere

7. Wrap gifts with it. (I’ll confess, I’ve done this).

8. No need for a lunch box, just tape your food together

9. Repair a motorcycle seat with it

10. And finally ... use it as waterproof sunscreen for bald men!

Tim Thompson lives in Gainesville. E-mail Tim your ideas for tips, tools or tricks.

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