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Thompson: Laundry product saves you from shirt pucker
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I hate "shirt puckers." What's a shirt pucker? When you've had a shirt on a hanger for a long time, puckers are created in the shoulder of the shirt. The simplest way to get rid of the puckers is to spray them with Downey Wrinkle Release while you're wearing the shirt. Just use your hand to smooth the pucker.

If you don't carry duct tape in your car, WHAT ARE YOU THINKING? Sorry, I get emotional about duct tape. Seriously though, you should really carry a roll of the stuff with you. Just this week I saw a car with its license plate held on with duct tape. (Thanks to Pam Chitwood for e-mailing me and confirming what I saw). I also saw a car with a missing rear window covered in silver duct tape. (The amateur obviously didn't know that you can get duct tape in clear). If you drive an older car that doesn't have a center console with a cup holder, use your roll of duct tape. You can fit most coffee cups into the center of the roll. Because of the stickiness of the side of the tape roll, I can assure you that the roll won't move.

For those of you who have read my column for a while now, you know I prefer using welder's gloves instead of wimpy oven mitts. They work better and they're safer. However, before you pull out your welder's gloves, consider using your long kitchen tongs. Tongs are a great way to move things around in your oven without ever having to put your hands in harm's way. (I actually caught my wife trying to move biscuits around in a hot oven with a little fork and no gloves. At least she carries duct tape in her car).

Tim Thompson lives in Gainesville. E-mail Tim your ideas for tips, tools or tricks.