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Thompson: Its quiz time! What do you remember from a year of tips?
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I hope you had a wonderful and safe New Year. Now close your books, clear off your desk and pull out a No. 2 pencil. IT’S QUIZ TIME! Let’s see how much you remember from the tips I provided in 2007! (The answers are at the bottom. No peeking. I’m serious).

1. What amazing material keeps things from sliding around and also removes pet hair from furniture?

2. You have a stopped-up toilet. You try the plunger and it doesn’t work. What other inexpensive device should you try before you call the plumber?

3. After you finish painting a room, you think to yourself that you need to keep track of the type of paint and the amount used for the room. By doing this, you’ll have an easier time when you paint it again. Where in the room can you write this information down so you never forget it?

4. When traveling with young children, you should give them what in case they get separated from you?

5. Before you go on vacation, what should you do to your washing machine?

6. If your toilet chain keeps getting stuck under your flapper, what can you do to fix the problem?

7. Women can get a better shave on their legs by using what product instead of shaving cream?

8. If you have a really nasty bathtub that nothing seems to be able to clean, what product can you use as a last resort?

9. What is a great test to see how fresh an egg is?

10. Long, spring-loaded tongs are a great kitchen tool. The only problem with them is they’re a pain to store in a drawer. You can use this device to easily store them away.


Tim Thompson lives in Gainesville. E-mail Tim your ideas for tips, tools or tricks.

No peeking!


1) Shelf-liner. 2) A closet auger; you can find it at your hardware store and it’s less than $20. 3) You can write it behind a switch plate in the room. 4) A whistle. Just tell them not to blow it unless they’re lost. 5) Turn the water off. 6) Put half of a straw on the chain. 7) Conditioner. 8) Oven cleaner; test it on a small section of the tub first. 9) Put the egg in a glass of water; the fresher the egg, the deeper in the glass it will sit. 10) Use a cardboard paper towel tube. Put the tongs in the tube.