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Thompson: Cell phone cameras can serve as a notepad, too
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I’ve written before about the value of having a camera on your cell phone. For example, you can use it to take a picture of your hotel room number or parking space so you don’t forget either one. (I’ve been known to forget). Well, I was given another great suggestion this week for having a camera phone — Use it to take a picture of your X-ray! Apparently a number of patients are doing this so they can share it with nurses, therapists, other doctors and even friends.

The name of this column is "Tips, Tools and Tricks." This item falls under the "Tricks" heading. Do you have a co-worker in your office who has been harassing you unmercifully? Well, here’s how you can get them back. has a new device called the Phantom Keystroker. You just plug it into a computer’s USB port and it immediately goes to work. It randomly generates keystrokes and weird mouse movements. You can actually set how often you want these phantom events to occur. Your harasser will go bonkers! It’s $25 and works on all operating systems.

There is a wonderful new Web site that you need to check out. It’s It is the worlds largest how-to manual for anything. It covers topics including "How to make soft pretzels" or "How to avoid wearing out flip flops." Nikki Young of The Times’ sister newspaper, The Paper, put me on to this site when she sent me one of their tips on how to make a top hat with black duct tape. Thanks to Nikki, I’m probably going to be a duct tape Abraham Lincoln this Halloween!

Tim Thompson lives in Gainesville. E-mail Tim your ideas for tips, tools or tricks.