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The Rev. Eric Hill: Take time to connect with God again
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We are in the midst of the summer of 2017. Most likely we are all extremely busy with many activities such as graduations, family reunions, vacations, camps for the kids, fixing things around the house, and just general summer busyness.

We are all readjusting to new schedules during the next couple of months. In other words, we are out of our normal routines and rituals.

With all of this readjusting, we can sometimes forget about our commitments to church and prayer. For example, when we prepare to travel and make all of our reservations, we can take the time to look for a church in the area to attend while away from home. I have found this wonderfully beneficial for me because I am able to see and hear new things from different perspectives. It does not take away from our time on vacation but rather it may enhance your experience greatly.

Also, our personal prayer life can suffer as well, we need to continue to take the time each day to pray and chat with God. Carving this time out of our busy lives is so important for us especially as we deal with the craziness of our lives. Spending time with God in quiet prayer can bring us great peace and reassure us of God’s presence during times of trouble in our lives and in the world.

These adjustments happen more than just the summer. They can occur when we retire, move, obtain a new job, have a new baby, death of a loved one or even a midlife crisis. These are critical times in our lives that can really cause havoc in our spiritual lives but if we are aware and remain committed can bear great fruit to us.

We still have time this summer to recommit and make some additional reservations before we head out the door to see the world so that we remain focused and committed to our spiritual life with our God.

The Rev. Eric Hill is the pastor at Prince of Peace Catholic Church in Flowery Branch. He can be reached at