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Sandra Stringer: Exercise improves energy, health and overall attitude
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I’m not a morning person, but I managed to push myself to get up early recently and exercise.

My mind had a million reasons for skipping that day. I’m glad I didn’t. I had a good supply of extra energy for the rest of the day and throughout the whole week. Things weighing heavy on my mind were put in perspective.

My goal is to focus more on fitness in the morning. It’s worth it for so many reasons, but just the peace of mind is good enough for me.

The University of Georgia Extension Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program reports exercise or being active:

* Increases energy

* Reduces fatigue

* Improves your health

* Gives parents and grandparents a chance to be a good example

* Offers a variety of fun activities for families

* Provides a positive way to handle stress

It’s a great time of year to refocus on your fitness goals.  Outdoor festivals and events offer opportunities to log in some exercise time plus support your local community.

For example, the Hall County Relay for Life is May 13 at the University of North Georgia’s Gainesville campus. Also, the Spring Chicken Festival, Lula Railroad Days and the Rubber Duck Derby are coming up.

* * *

I ran across this idea: Iowa State Extension suggests making a “Price Book” to find deals and bargains. This system helps shoppers track the prices of items they frequently purchase. 

How to make your own price book:

Find or buy a small address book or notebook.

Write down the product name, package size, price, store and date.

Compare the written prices to advertised specials. After a few weeks you’ll know the best prices and can stock up.

Sandra Stringer is a nutrition educator with the UGA Cooperative Extension office in Hall County. Call her at 770-535-8290. Her column appears biweekly on Wednesdays and on