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Parrish Myers: Leaving a lasting message of love
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A little more than 10 years ago, I wrote my first “Eyes of the Father” column.

During that time, I have shared with you the birth of my children, Chloe and Cole. I have told you about our many adventures and mishaps — some funny, some serious and some downright scary. Yet most of all, I have shared with you the love I have for these two wonderful gifts from God.

I’m not a great father. I have my shortcomings and failings, my mistakes and my wishes for do-overs. But God has used Chloe and Cole to teach me about him, myself and faith. In the process, I know he’s made me a better Christian, husband and father than I ever could have been without his guidance.

The response and support from the community has been overwhelming, as well as humbling. Many times I have had complete strangers approach me in town or email me and tell me one of my columns met a need, clarified their understanding of Scripture or helped them come to know their heavenly father in a more personal way. I am so honored to have helped so many different people in so many different ways.

That’s why it is with a heavy heart I write this, my final article. After much prayer in the past several months, I believe it’s time to bring “The Eyes of the Father” to an end.

Perhaps God is preparing the way for a new writer to bring the Gospel message to the pages of this newspaper with as fresh a perspective as I believe “The Eyes of the Father” has been.

This is my final article, so I want to make it count. Please allow me to say in succinct terms what I have tried to say during these past 10 years:

God loves you, but your sin separates you from him. To deal with the sin, he sent his son Jesus (who was without sin) to die for you. In doing so, God placed your sins on him. With his life, he paid the penalty that your sins required.

As a result, a way has been made for your sins to be forgiven. Call on Jesus, believe in him as your savior, and that’s exactly what God will do. He will forgive you. He will receive you. He will make you his child, and he will be your father.

May God bless you all.

The Rev. Parrish Myers is a local minister living in Braselton. He can be contacted at His column appears biweekly in Sunday Life and on