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Thomas: Obama can identify with occupiers
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A few weeks ago, I detailed some of the differences between the "occupiers" and the tea party patriots. Alas, with the deaths, diseases, drug use, rapes, thefts, vandalism and all, the occupiers have done even more to distinguish themselves, not only from the tea party, but from decent Americans everywhere.

Even the left-wing media, which have endeavored to persevere when it comes to placing the occupiers in a positive light, have begun to doubt the movement. As Matthew Continetti of the Weekly Standard reports, liberal journalists who traveled to Zuccotti Park "spewed forth torrents of ink on the value of protest, the creativity and spontaneity of the occupiers, the urgency of redistribution, and the gospel of social justice. ... Yet, as many a liberal journalist left the park, they lamented the fact that Occupy Wall Street wasn't more tightly organized. They worried that the demonstration would dissipate without a proper list of demands or a specific policy agenda."

In other words, despite months of occupation, the occupiers are still mostly incoherent. Interestingly, some on the left are beginning to realize the same with the current administration.

"What are we trying to do in this administration?" laments Mr. "The Thrill Is Gone" Chris Matthews. He adds, "What's he going to do with his second term? More of this? Is this it? Is this as good as it gets?"

Matthews continued: "He has not said one thing about what he would do in his second term. He never tells us what he's going to do with reforming our health care systems: Medicare and Medicaid; how he's going to reform Social Security. Is he going to deal with long-term debt? How? Is he going to reform the tax system? How? ... Why are we in this fight with him? ... Give us our orders and tell us where we are going." (The thrill up Matthews' leg might be gone, but the bias isn't.)

Democratic pollsters Pat Caddell and Doug Schoen recently wrote in the Wall Street Journal that since President Barack Obama cannot run on his record, to save the Democratic Party he should abandon his candidacy for re-election. Simply put, Caddell and Schoen note that, "the president cannot affirmatively make the case that voters are better off now than they were four years ago. He, like everyone else, knows that they are worse off."

So three years into his term, many on the left are now realizing what most of us on the right suspected all along: Obama was not ready to be president. As many warned in 2008 (including myself), coming into his presidency, Obama had the weakest resume of any former president in U.S. history.

Not only was he lacking in political experience, but he was sorely lacking in leadership experience. He never ran a business, never served in the military, never did much of anything other than prepare for a career in politics.

Remember, Obama was a professional "community organizer," so it is little surprise that he identifies with the occupy mobs. (Obama, himself, declared that he is "on their side.") Thus, it is also little surprise that the disorganization, incoherence and general immaturity that mars the occupy movement also aptly describes the Obama administration.

As former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani recently pointed out, Obama "owns the Occupy Wall Street movement." In fact, some of Obama's most prominent advisors and mentors have themselves knee-deep in the occupy movement.

Jim Wallis, a recent member of Obama's White House faith council and reported spiritual adviser, has called on churches nationwide to provide sanctuary to the occupy protesters. Obama friend, mentor and former terrorist Bill Ayers has been teaching the occupiers in Chicago.

Not to be left out, many prominent Democrats, such as Reps. Nancy Pelosi, Charlie Rangel and Maxine Waters have also lent their support to the occupy movement. Pelosi has gone so far as recently to author a fundraising email for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee that attempts to channel the occupy movement's energy.

Therefore, as Obama and the Democrats seek re-election in 2012, to best capture the mood of liberals across the country and to paint the clearest picture for the rest of us who will be going to the ballot box, let us label the president with the most apt descriptor: Occupier in Chief.

Trevor Thomas is a Hall County resident and frequent columnist.

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