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Myers: Try less-abrasive cleansers inside
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In our bathroom, we have what is known as a "garden tub." Strangely enough, it has nothing to do with gardening. I know this because Amy got very upset when I tried to plant flowers in it.

One day, Amy got an idea that she thought would be fun for the kids. She told me she wanted to put a blanket and some books in the garden tub. "Chloe and Cole can sit on the blanket in the tub and read their books. It'll be fun." I told her I didn't think it was such a good idea.

When she explained that there wouldn't be any water in the tub, I decided we'd give it a try.

Amy took a blanket, put it in the tub, scattered books around the inside, then set Chloe and Cole over in it to read while we got ready to go somewhere. That way the kids were occupied, and they were right there with us. It was a great idea.


Until Cole noticed the soap sitting in a dish on the side of the tub. It was the thin remains of a bar, nothing more than a little slice. It was so small. It was so cute. It was so ... tasty?

In the midst of shaving, I heard Cole spit and looked over to see that he'd bitten a small chunk out of the soap. His teeth were perfectly impressed in the bar.

I ran over, put my hand under his mouth and told him to spit again. And again. And again. For such a small bite, he had a lot of soap in his mouth. I ended up getting a few pieces in my hand. I still don't think I got all of it though, because for several minute Cole kept sticking his tongue out and making a disgusted face.

It made me think about the lengths some people will go to in order to become clean on the inside.

But you don't have to ingest soap - or any other sort of cleaning product, for that matter - to become clean on the inside. In fact, don't do that - it's dangerous to your health. Rather, all you have to do is ask Jesus to come into your heart and life. He will begin the process of cleaning you up from the inside out.

As God said in Isaiah 1:18, "Though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow." Through Jesus Christ, God washes us clean. He removes the stain of our sin, purifying us completely.

And it doesn't leave a bad taste in our mouths, either.

Parrish Myers is pastor of Pine Crest Baptist Church in Gainesville. His column appears every other week in Sunday Life.