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Lunch guys: Sammies at Quiznos taste great, but have few fillings
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It’s a testament to our love of Quiznos that when we found out the sub chain was selling something called "Sammies," we said, "Yeah, we’ll eat that! … Uh, what’s a Sammie?"

Turns out a Sammie is a cute little flatbread sandwich that comes in four varieties: Alpine Chicken, Sonoma Turkey, Italiano and Bistro Steak Melt.

And each is only two bucks. So are Sammies better than subs?Chris: Tom, you know that I’ve lamented how Quiznos’ menu prices have climbed up in recent years, including the $9.99 steak sub.

So I was very happy to see the chain introduced a $2 menu. And then I ate all four of these Sammies.

But they’re more bread than bite. Really, the Sonoma Turkey’s bread-to-turkey ratio is about 10-to-1. Compared to the turkey slices, I’ve seen thicker single-ply squares of toilet paper.

The single meat slice in the Bistro Steak Melt reminded me of that scene where the Grinch is carving one roast beast for, like, 200 Whos in Whoville. Each of them wouldn’t have gotten more beast than I did. Only the Italiano had some protein heft, thanks to the meat slices of salami, pepperoni and capicola.

These Sammies were all the more disappointing because what’s buried in all that dough is so fantastic.

The Chipotle mayo and pepper jack cheese in the Sonoma Turkey was like a firecracker of flavor. The Steak’s mild peppercorn sauce, Italiano’s basil pesto and Alpine Chicken’s simple ranch dressing — along with Quiznos usual blend of spices — accented the meats and cheeses. Great stuff, but not enough of it.

Tom: I think you are being a little harsh. Sure, you need to eat several to feel like you’ve gotten any fillings, but at least the bread is tasty.

I have to admit the Bistro Steak was really lean on the "beast," but because the Sammies are folded in half their "breadiness" is exaggerated.

Of the four, the Italiano has the most creativity and flavor thanks to its combo of salami, pepperoni and capicola.

The Sonoma Turkey is my least favorite mainly due to the spicy orange chipotle mayo completely overwhelming what hint of turkey flavor there was.

One interesting aspect is that you don’t have any input in the creation of these. I patiently waited for the Quiznoian to ask me what I wanted for toppings, but she methodically moved the flatbreads from the oven to the assembly line, topped them off with a sprinkling of lettuce, folded them up and stuck them in a hot dog wrapper without even looking up.

Fortunately the simple topping was the way to go — with any more condiments the meats would have been completely lost.

Chris: It’s pretty telling that I ate all four Sammies in one sitting and was still hungry enough to finish off another lunchmate’s Turkey Bacon Guacamole. I hope I see these Sammies as the "heavy hors d’oeuvres" at our company holiday party, but I won’t be seeing them for lunch again.

Tom: Four might be over the top, but if Quiznos had drive-throughs, I’d frequently grab one as a snack. Overall, Chris, I’m calling these the Miller Lites of lunch: Tastes great, less fillings.

Tom James and Chris Tauber are Orlando, Fla.-based writers.

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