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Lunch guys: Guys split on KFCs package of dips
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Messy dipping sauce ranks alongside climate change as global problems that scientists are looking to fix.

Many barbecue sauce drips have found their way to the Lunch Guys’ khakis, car upholstery and computer keyboards.

Now KFC promises a no-mess method to dipping with its new Triple Dip Strips, packaged in an all-in-one container for chicken strips and sauce cups. Are we finally saved from a drippy lunch hour?

Chris: A case study of empty marketing is this Triple Dip Strips fiasco. I suppose having the box hold the three sauces rather than me having to hunt for a free cup holder or table space is quite a luxury.

And I liked the choice of six sauces, especially the creamy Garlic Parmesan, truly Fiery Buffalo and mellow Honey BBQ. But c’mon, there’s zero reason to have a box this majorly wasteful for that minor convenience.

Each of the three strips is about 4 inches long, yet this box was 7 1/2 inches by 5 1/2 and 2 inches tall! (Yes, I was so aghast I actually measured.)

Just as bad is that it still doesn’t solve the drip problem.

Great, I can lift my juicy, crispy strip from its bed to the Buffalo sauce without incident, but transporting it to my mouth without any of the peppery juice dripping onto my legs like acid, whether I’m eating in my car or at work, is still as big a problem as before this Triple Dip faux breakthrough.

As good as the strips and dips are, this is one of the dumbest lunches ever.

Tom: I disagree. Well, let me amend that. I agree that this is a gimmick we could easily live without, but I have to admit, it does solve the dipping problem.

I had this innovative box set up on my lap like a lunch tray while I was driving down the highway, and the three new dipping sauces were firmly held in their designated slots.

Without the box you have to have one hand holding the sauce and the other holding the strip to dip. That doesn’t leave you a spare hand for your cell phone. Not that I endorse dipping and driving, but if you don’t have a designated driver ... I think it’s a good solution.

And as you said, the sauces and strips are top notch. These strips, while heavy on the fried coating, put most nuggets to shame because they are big, solid chunks of white meat and actually are juicy on the inside.

Chris, what’s not to like about great food in innovative packaging?

Chris: It’s the packaging and the promise of said packaging that make this a 1 spork rating for me, which is a shame considering these are some of the best chicken strips in the biz.

I just hope the production of thousands of these dippy Dip boxes isn’t responsible for loss of a few more forests and thusly more climate change.

Tom: You are right. Al Gore likely wouldn’t approve of the wasteful packaging ... but he looks like enjoys eating so he’d probably love the strips.

Tom James and Chris Tauber are Orlando-based writers.