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Nap time and cookies would help us all
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I can still remember my kindergarten classroom. We had an area with a wooden toy stove and refrigerator; we called it the housekeeping center.

One feature I remember was a big upright piano. We were a singing class. We started every morning by singing "Good Morning to You."

I don’t know if you remember "Good Morning to You," but it was actually the basis for the more popular "Happy Birthday to You." Same tune, different words.

Quite frankly, I liked "Good Morning to You" because my birthday fell in June, when school was out. I never got to have a party with cupcakes at school.

If the teacher called your name, you got to stand beside her at the piano and you would be featured on a verse of "Good Morning to You." It was on the third line, where the kids would sing "Good Morning, Dear Harris (or whoever was standing there)." It was a big deal.

It has been a long time since I was in kindergarten, but I have to wonder if they still sing.

We didn’t go but a half day. At about 10 o’clock, a nice lady from the lunch room would bring milk and cookies, and then we would rest on our mats for a few minutes.

I ride an elevator to get to my office. Sometimes, the people look tired in the mornings, almost weary. I often say "Good morning," and they sort of nod back.

Maybe their day would be brighter if I looked at their name tag and sang a personalized verse of "Good Morning to You." I’m afraid they would look at my name tag and call 911.

We have a place to eat lunch, but I have not seen a nice lady wearing a white uniform and a hair net pushing a cart full of cookies and milk at 10 on any morning.

We don’t sing enough, laugh enough, or just stop to have cookies and milk.

I can remember those great milk cartons. They were triangular and had a little tab you pulled off to reveal a hole for a straw. It gave us great independence to serve ourselves and I miss it.

There were also songs like "She’ll be Comin’ Round the Mountain." It has some great verses, like "We will kill the old red rooster, when she comes." This was followed by an exclamation of "chop, chop" and a matching hand motion.

I’m sure that the national association of something or another would have feverish opposition to that.

I guess we can’t have cookies because they contain something that is harmful to someone.

If we took a little nap, folks would immediately say we were lazy. Hey, I work for the government; folks already think we’re lazy. This would just pour gasoline on that fire.

In this world of political correctness, you run the risk of offending someone if you go as far as paying them a compliment on their attire. The sexual harassment police will get you on that.

I’m not a great predictor of things; I’m the guy who predicted Oprah was just a flash in the pan. But, I think our day would be just a little better if we smiled, sang a fun song, had some milk and cookies and took a nap.

I’m going to close my door and try it.

Harris Blackwood is a Gainesville resident whose columns appear on the Sunday Life page and on gainesville

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