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CD puts choirs talents on display
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Listen to the Sanctuary Choir of First Baptist Church.

A Gainesville business is planning a 5K run on May 2 to benefit two people who were injured in serious auto accidents.

School Tools and Office Pros is holding the event in Atlas Industrial Park. The proceeds will go to help Mike Adcock, the Johnson High School assistant principal who was badly injured in a wreck at the beginning of the school year. Mike is a good guy who has battled back from some really tough injuries. He is a great example of determination and courage.

Also benefitting is Haley Jaramillo, a toddler who was paralyzed in a separate accident. She needs a wheelchair and the family has no health insurance coverage.

If you need more information, contact Bobby Jones or Jane White at 770-287-7767.

Choir releases CD of music

The Sanctuary Choir of First Baptist Church has recorded a collection of 10 songs on a new CD called "We Will Stand."

The choir was recorded Feb. 18-19 at the church and the final mix was made in Nashville.

Music veterans David Guthrie and Dan Posthuma produced the recording and Derri Daugherty mixed and engineered the final product.

In addition to the choir, soloists were Jason LeBlanc, Brooke Burt, Mark Green, Connie Esford, Carl Williams, Gary Lacey, Brooke Morters and Sam Johnson.

The selections are Christian songs made popular in the 1970s and ’80s and include "Holy Ground," "Praise the Lord," "Midnight Cry," and "I Go To The Rock."

The CDs are available at the church. You can listen to a brief sample on The Times’ Web site.

It’s me, your neighborhood gardener

This will really scare you, but I have branched out and am in the throes of planting a garden.

I have a partner in this venture. Bill Coates, the esteemed local religious leader, came over with his tiller and broke ground for this soon-to-be vegetable wonderland.

There are a few advantages to gardening with your preacher. First, when he talks to the Lord about sinners and the ailing, he might put in a good word for our garden.

Not that I’m not capable of offering prayers for our gardening enterprise, but this guy is ordained. I know he’s an ordained preacher, time will only tell if he is an ordained gardener.

I’ve even written my own prayer for the garden:

Now, I lay me down to sleep and go without a fuss.

God bless our garden and when he’s here

Don’t let the preacher hear me cuss.

Just as a backup plan, I’ve been thinking about inviting my friend the Very Rev. Doug Dailey to come over and do some kind of garden blessing. That Episcopal prayer book has a written blessing for just about everything. I’m hoping that they might have one to ward off deer. We have a pretty good herd that wanders around and, unfortunately, some of the neighbors are feeding them.

So, if I can keep Bambi out of this garden, I think we’ve got a good chance of producing a fine crop of tomatoes, squash, potatoes, okra, beans and pineapple.

I’m just kidding about the pineapple; just wanted to see if you were paying attention.

Stay tuned, and we’ll keep you posted.

Harris Blackwood is community editor of The Times. His columns appear Wednesdays and Sundays. He can be reached at 770-718-3423.