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Can't top a classic Easter tradition
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The folks in Hollywood seem to run short on ideas from time to time. They seem to thrive on remakes of old movies. I saw a story last year that said movie studios were looking at 50 potential remakes.

One movie they haven’t redone is the 1948 classic “Easter Parade,” starring Fred Astaire and Judy Garland. The great American composer, Irving Berlin, wrote the song, “Easter Parade."

They actually have an Easter Parade in New York City and, true to the song, it takes place on 5th Avenue near Saint Patrick’s Cathedral.

I’m sure that Mayor Michael Bloomberg has issued some kind of ban on large Easter hats, fearing that someone might suffer a neck injury or it might hurt the supply of flowers.

When I think of bonnets, I think of the kind that they wore on “Little House on the Prairie,” a tie-down job that covers your hair and your ears.

I don’t know many women who actually wear a bonnet on Easter. It is a hat. But bonnet is more poetic than hat. Berlin, who gave us many wonderful songs, was good with fancy words.

Bonnet rhymes with sonnet and upon it, and it sounds a bit more dressy than a mere hat.

Now, if they decided to remake Easter parade, I’m sure that Berlin’s tune will be tossed out for some hip-hop (Easter pun intended) arrangement of “Easter hat: What’s up with that?”

I like to see ladies wear hats on Easter. Some of them have some rather fashionable headgear and they show it off on this day of celebration.

The Royal Family has a lot of events where hats are expected. They have the Royal Ascot horse race and hats are everywhere, including one being worn by the Queen.

When Prince William and his wife, the Duchess of Cambridge, tied the royal knot, there were hats everywhere.

The prince’s cousins, Eugenie and Beatrice, had some hat that did not catch on in the fashion world.

One of them had a curly-Q thing on the front that looked like the back on my mama’s dining room chairs. Back when their late aunt, Princess Diana, got married to their Uncle Charlie, women copied her fashion and hairstyles.

I haven’t seen anyone copy those girl’s hats. I have noticed in some department stores that ladies hats seem to be making a comeback. We’ll see for sure this weekend.

Men, on the other hand, don’t wear many hats on Easter. If they do, they take them off in church.

The only male fashion tradition I can recall is when the late Ben Carter would dust off his white shoes and wear them every Sunday starting on Easter. When he passed away, they buried him with those shoes on.

The pope has some impressive headgear. In years past, he wore a three-tiered crown called a tiara, when he was officiating at Saint Peter’s. Pope Benedict wore a mitre with his personal coat of arms.

It will be interesting to see what Pope Francis wears on Easter. He has demonstrated a much more simplistic style than his predecessors.

Whether you wear your Sunday best or your Tuesday jeans, I hope you enjoy the celebration of a very special day.

Harris Blackwood is a Gainesville resident whose columns appear Sunday and

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